Friday, 12 December 2014

Friends from Greece

Our greek teammates

Last friday, we spoke with Greek students in a video conference using skype. They were six girls and just one boy, he seemed lonely. They seem to have a better canteen than us. They described the place where they live, and also the architecture of their high-school and their schedule. Of course, we answered them describing our high-school and our habits.
Antoine Glory - 1STL
Our friends from Greece

On Friday 5th, December 2014, we had a skypemeeting with the Greeks. We talked about Christmas, school, our country and how we celebrate the new year.
There are 7 Greek students : one man, 6 girls with a profesors. The pupils that we met are 1ère as well.
In Greece the pupils can eat at any hour. They work from 8 am till 2 pm but they have one test every year.
None from Greek ever came to France and none of us from France ever went to Greece.
Tom Avril - 1STL
On Friday 7th September we met our friends from Greece thanks to the technology because we managed to see our friends with Skype!
At the beginning we talked about us, our names, our age and our hobbies! There is 1 boy and 6 girls in their group!
After that we talked about French schools. How many hour we have of math or chemistry, how many buildings we have at school and they answered to the same questions!
We learn about Greek schools and we talked about our city: what buildings, what monuments we can find! And the last but not least we talked about how we celebrate Christmas!
Eva Hirigoyen - 1STL

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Ciceronis modo discipulorum orationes

Hic, hic sunt in nostro numero, cives, in hoc orbis terrae sanctissimo gravissimoque consilio, qui de nostro omnium interitu, qui de hujus humi atque adeo de orbis terrarum exitio cogitent ! Igitur sic effundetis aquam nostram, sic corrumpetis aerem nostrum, sic caedetis arbores nostros. O di immortales! Quousque tandem, cives, delebitis Tellurem nostram, matrem nostram!
Darricarrere Chloé 1SA
O di immortales ! Quam rem publicam habemus ? Est tamen quinta Respublica !  Hic in ostras urbe sunt mala. Magna mala ! Maxima mala ! Gens nostro principe perit. Estisne caeci ? Non estis, cari amici ab principe desdicemus ? Quae cum ita sint, egredere aliquando ex Urbe patent portrae : non te volumuus.
O di immortales, tempus velociter perit et non videmus eum transire. Adulescentia delicata est, fruemur, antequam a nobis excidit ! Vita quales aqua est, in manus nostra influit : imprensibilis est !
Marc Darricarrère et Sandro Berroy 1SA
        O di immortales ! Quam rem publicam habemus ? Videtis istos ? Sunt in vostro numero, Patres Conscripti, in hoc orbis terrae sanctissimo gravissimoque consilio, isti viri omnium interitu, isti viri gerunt rem publicam. Isti viri partes mundi distribuunt quem finem quisque gerit. Isti viri multum periculum sunt nobis, sunt Patres Conscripti, isti viri volunt potestatem

Romain Darricarrère et Noé Labes 1SA

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Is this our school or what?

Darla - 2nde

Lila - 2nde

Camille - 2nde

Cyrille - 2nde

Killian - 2nde

Léa - 2nde

Friday, 14 November 2014

Utah in November


Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. During this day, American people do a big dinner with turkey, potatoes, pumpkins pie, yarms, corn bread, cramberry sauce… They spend this day with all their family : grandparents, uncles, cousins… Or with close friends. After the dinner, they do activities like football, baseball, bingo… This holiday commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621 to give thanks to God for the plentiful havest and all the blessing he bestowed upon them. 
Elise PARISSE 2nd H 

Thanksgiving is a big holiday in America; it’s celebrated in the fall months of the year. That every fourth Thursday in November. It is a day to be thankful for all that we have. The holiday commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the pilgrims in 1621 to give thanks to god for the plentiful harvest and all the blessing he bestowed upon them. That is celebrated with all the family and we eat a big dinner. This traditional meal includes turkey, cranberry, sauce, potatoes, stuffing, and a load of other good food. Sometimes grand-parents tell stories about being grateful for something after dinner. Americans love thanksgiving because it is a holiday that brings their families close and they all can be thankful together.
Lucas Espil 2nde H

Utah in October


Halloween is a night, at the end of October, when everyone dresses up in scary or very weird costumes, like ghost, monsters and many others.
Every year people put up scary haunted houses. The children knocks at the doors and someone opens the doors they tell « Tricks or Treat ». Then the person at the door gives them Candy !
In the street, hot dogs, hot chocolate, and Pop corns are sold. You can here musicians in some streets.
To conclude, haloween is very important in the USA, this is an tradition because everyone participate to this party.
The next day, all the children go to the dentist because they eat too much Candy!
Author unknown
Halloween takes place on october 31st.
In America people dress up in costume and go trick-or-treating .
« Trick-or-treat » is a sentence that children say when they are in front of a house to get candy .
This holidays focus on scary things such as monters, ghosts, goblins, witches and make pranks to your friends .
If you stay home you can watch horror movies with your family .
They buy decorations and pumpkins .
Then they put lights in their pumpkins .
Teens stop playing the game trick-or-treat and start party dancing.
They go to sleep when they are tired.
                                                                                                                 Author unknown
Darla, art section 2014
Halloween is in the night of the 31 october, they celebrate all things scary and gruesome.
Before halloween day, familys carved pumpkins and lot of people put up spooky decorations : spiders webs, fake blood and skeletons or play music, hand out hot chocolate, popcorn, hotdogs, …
Childrens go from house to house dressed up with costumes (princesses, mummy's, pirates, animals...) by ringing the dorbell to get a lot of candy asking « trick or treat » with pillowcases.
People usually eat candy all night long until there are all, they finished it in the morning if they are more.

Some children go to haunted house or played games or watched a scary movie !
Uhaina Etchelecou 2ndeH

Thursday, 30 October 2014

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

War Horse is a book about World War I, it's very interesting if you are a horse lover, because if you don't, the story will be quite boring.
It's a love story, a friend story, a war story in memory of World War I, all at the same time. Enjoy your reading !
Pauline Lascou Gaubin TLA

Thursday, 16 October 2014

European surf championships

Hey everyone,
I just came back from the European championship on the Azores.
The waves were really bad for the first days of competition but I managed to win my first three heats and got to the small final. Sadly I lost in the small final so I ended up getting 5th. I was a bit disappointed but it's still not to bad for my first time at the EuropeAn champs. I visited the island of San Miguel too, there are loads of cows and horses and the forests are amazing. 

On my way back to France I made a quick stop in Portugal, Ericeira to have a filming and photo session for a new magazine add. Here you can see some pictures from my trip.
Have a nice day!

Jonas 1èreES

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Olivia, our new English assistant

Well this is a new year in lycée Malraux, we all have new friends, new teachers, and a new English class. it also means that a new year brings about a new assistant! This year we have the pleasure to welcome Olivia Neilson our new English assistant who's gonna help us during all the year. She comes from Leads, UK especially for us.
 I won't tell you more about her. I'll let you meet her every Friday at the canteen. she is very kind. she is ready to help you with your English. So don't forget, every Friday, come and progress in English with our new wonderful language assistant!
Romain Lecroart TLA

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine

With the class of Spanih literature we went to the Americo - Latino film festival of Biarritz. First, we went to the casino of Biarritz for a lecture. The lecture was about Octavio Paz who is a Mexican poet who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1990.
After that we went to the cinema "Le Royal" to watch a documentary called "Carta a un padre", it speaks about a man who searchs his origins to find where he must go. After we went to la "Gare du Midi" to watch a film entitled "Los Hongos".
Los hongos in English are mushrooms. The film deals with young people in a city. They love to do street art like graffitis on the walls and they have a lot of problems with the police for that. In this film the police is very violent. Teenagers rob paint because they haven't got money and jobs. 
Loïc Ayme 1éreL

Thursday, 9 October 2014

St George, Utah

Red mountains in Utah
We have new friends from Utah. Our epals are all between 15, 16 and 17, and they all talked about their city, St George, Utah. Utah is a state of Western United States. The capital is Salt Lake City. St George is a city situated two hours from Las Vegas. This city is located right in the desert. They told us how much the heat is impressive, it can rise up to 100 F! (that is 48°C) The landscapes out there looks wonderful, they talked about the famous red mountains and they all go camping! The name of their school is " Snow High School " which is a very ironic name, because there the temperature is very hot ! 
Cosima Traore 2ndE

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Book of the month: October 2014

Hunger Game Mockingjay is the third and last book of the trilogy. If you enjoyed the other books, you will also enjoy this one, it's quite easy to read. The characters are still the same, they are really attaching, we can identify to them really fast so once you begin it, you can't stop reading ! There is suspense, and the story is really attractive. It is fascinating, I recommend it to everybody ! This book finish the story in a epic way, you will not be disappointed. Good reading !
Thimon Solène TLA

Monday, 22 September 2014

Questions for champions only!

Are you a champion?

Would you like to meet Julien L? 

Did you answer the questions correctly?

Will you be among the 5 contestants traveling to Paris in November?
Never before was there so much
concentration at the cafeteria...

A potential winner from 1ESA!
(or a rising star!!!)

Our hosts (Isn't it Nikos's cousin???)

We owe the photos to  
Arnaud from BTS photo.

Here are 5 questions which were asked to our champs.
Can you answer them?

1- Which president of the United States of America was elected four times consecutively?
2- What novel by Ernest Hemingway tells the struggle of a fisherman against a swordfish?
3- Which singer whose real name is Kevin Bonnet has sung "I'd like too" "my life in the Sun" and many others?
4- What dish of Savoyard origin is made from bacon potatoes and Reblochon?
5- Paul is 4 years old, Emma has twice the age of Paul, How old will Paul be when Emma is 6 times older ?
Many thanks to Damien and Victor from TSTL

Book of the month: September 2014

An exceptional book where the author manages to extract two plots out of the unique struggle of cancer fighters.
John Green mixes perfectly humor and the seriousness of the illness to make us appreciate his work.
This story is easy to read and suits absolutely well teenagers who want to improve their English vocabulary."

Sunday, 21 September 2014

At a movie theater near you soon...

Are you ready for the next sequel of the "Hunger Games"?
You will not know the end yet, unless you decide to read the book!
(at the CDI soon...)

It's over for this year...

It's over for this year,
but if you were there and would like to write a post about it,
 just ask your English teacher.

Teachers or surfers?

On a Wednesday, with the pole surf we did share our passion which is surfing with our professors. So we could meet all of them and teach them how to surf. They did really well! 
I appreciated a lot this session and I would love to do it again next year. 
Nina Reynal 1ESA.
It was all over Facebook this week.
Some teachers were not grading your test on September 17th in the afternoon.
They were being introduced to surfing. Can you recognise your teacher???
Many thanks to Pôle France Surf (first row)!