Sunday, 22 February 2015

The USA, an other world

Whouah ! I'm in Florida for the third time and this is as incredible as the first time, I don't know where I can begin because my trip began wonderfully. I  went to Florida with 11 of friends, my coach and two fathers of two of my friends.
The USA is in another world, everything we  see is different, cars, shops that you will never see in France or others european country's. The first week of our trip was fantastic because we waited so long, months, days and hours. These three weeks are the best weeks in the year for us.
The first day of our trip where a bit complicated because of the jetlag, everybody was tired but after one or two days everybody was ready to play good  golf.
The first course we played was Venitian Bay, a wonderful golf course and the weather was perfect to play this day. On the first tee we were all excited to begin this course, for the people who went to Florida the last years this is a liberation and for the others like a discovery.
The others courses were as incredible as Venitian Bay but the weather was not there. One course the LPGA we had perfect weather and when we looked at everything around us during the 18 holes, wonderfull landscapes can be observed.
Indigo lakes was the last course we played and during the 18 holes we could hear the Daytona 500 this is a nascar race -a kind of car that can roll over 300km/h- This is the most spectacular event in Florida and for nascar in the USA.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Charlie from Snow High School, Utah

The terrorist attack in France was horrible.  I remember when my mom read about it on the internet after it happened.  I'm upset that some people cannot coexist and they resort to taking lives instead.  Are you worried about more possible violence in France? 
Have a nice day Lea and I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, 
From Christine (Snow Hih School, Utah) to Léa (2nd GH - lycée Malraux - Biarritz)
Hello I heard about the terrorist attack. I am very 
sorry that happened. It’s a scary thing to go 
through. In 2001 we had a terrorist attack as well. 
Even though I don’t remember it, I know how scary it 
was because of everybody else. Although I’m not sure 
what exactly happened in France, I’m sure it still 
must be very scary. I tried to look it up on the 
Internet but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. 
Could you tell me what happened ? That would be very 
nice, I’d like to know.
Thank you !   
From Sylvie (Snow High School, Utah) to Alexandre (2nd EF- lycée Malraux, Biarritz)

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