Thursday, 10 November 2016

The most famous refugee of all times

The most famous refugee of all times is Albert Einstein. 
Everybody knows Einstein that's the rason why reason he is one of the world’s most famous scientists, however few people know that he was a refugee.
Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879 in Germany. During his life he had lots of nationalities: he had the German, the Swiss, the Austrian, the American nationality. His work is especially known to the public for the equation E=mc² in addition to the Nobel Prize in Physics he received in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectric effect.
Einstein was a Jew in Germany. For this reason he was forced out of his native Germany. He emigrated to the United States to escape from Nazism. He died on April 18th of 1955.
Camille Sens  1SB

Surf champs!

After nine days of world-class competition in the Azores, 

Team France emerged victorious at the 2016 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship. 

The Team Gold Medal is the first for France in the history of the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship and the first in the Olympic Surfing era. French Team received 3 individual medals, Thomas Debierre world champion in under 16 men division, Colin Doyer 3rd in under 18 men division and Juliette Brice 4th in under 18 women division. Team France overtook Australia in the overall team rankings on the penultimate day of competition and didn’t let go on the Final Day. Team Australia finished with the Silver Medal, Team Hawaii with the Bronze Medal and Team Japan with the Copper Medal.
Juliette Brice TS

Sunday, 25 September 2016

A 21st century breakthrough

Pokémon Go is nowadays the most downloaded mobile app. This game was released on the 6th of July of this year in Australia, New Zealand and USA. 
Pokémon Go is a mobile phone game which uses GPS location and the front camera to create an augmented view of your surrondings. To play this game you have to walk through the city and catch a virtual creature by flicking a pokeball at the pokemon which has appeared in front of you. The purpose is to train and make your pokemon evolve in order to be the best trainer.
 Pokemon Go is a breakthough because it makes people gather outdoor to share their game. This technological revolution is only the beginning of a new wave of augmented reality video games.

Esteban Poupinet 1SC

Your best friends in your pocket

This summer for the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon Company, there was the release of today's best phone game: Pokemon GO. Stop playing alone in your bedroom! Go out with friends catch and train Pokemons. 
You can discover the world a second time with Augmented Reality! It's a technological breakthrough, we can imagine that Pokemon GO is just the beginning. You just have to take care of your surroundings and have fun. Moreover this application is a free-to-play game! Like Sacha, try to become the best trainer. 
Pokemon GO has gone viral; in only 7 days there were 10 million downloads. Catch, train and battle with yours favorite Pokemon. Now you are the hero of your Pokémon story!

The hit game Pokémon Go

First Pokemon was an animated cartoon. It was created in 1995, so 20 years ago. As a consequence Nintendo created this year Pokemon Go: it's a breakthrough for mobile games because it's a game with augmented reality . The application was released on 6th July this summer, after 4 months of testing. It's a free game which has gone mainstream. For the moment it's the most popular game. With Pokemon Go, we can catch, we can battle . The pokedex is composed by 151 pokemons and they can evolve. The best trainer is Sacha. 
Finally 33 minutes is the average time spent to play on Pokemon Go daily.

Cassandra QUINTAL (LV2)
1ère SA

Pokemon Go, THE game of the year

Today, I wanted to talk to you about PokemonGo, a new phone app. You all know Pokemon, thanks to the vidéo games, the animated cartoons or just the trading card games. And now they come back with an app which is using augmented reality and your GPS location. It’s a technological breakthrough all over the world. Pokemon Go also helps you to stay fit because you have to walk a lot to catch as many pokemon as you can, there are more than 151 creatures to capture. So now go outside, meet new people and catch them all !

Joy-Rose Dunoyer 1S

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My 24 hours of Le Mans karting

I arrived on the circuit on Thursday morning when I met my team-mates and the staff of the team. We made the technical checks of the kart and I began my free trials by 4 pm and I finished at about 11 pm.

Friday was like Thursday except that at the end the day, we made the timed tries and we finished at the 20st place which allowed us to have a nice place on the starting grid .

Saturday was the big day, starting time was at 3 pm. Then began the hardest race that I had ever participated before !

But who's this champ?

Indeed, the night was very hard, we broke an engine and we lost many places but we did not give up until the end of the race and we finished on Sunday at 3 pm at the 6th place of our category and 14th of general classification of the 24 hours of Le Mans and the world championships of endurance karting.
S. H. from ES

The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher was a British woman called the Iron Lady who had one of the biggest career in polics in Great Britain. She broke the prejudices on women by becoming the first woman prime minister in 1979. She was a very daring woman who made it to the top. Eventhough she was a model of success she was responsible of antifeminist words like "Feminism is a poison.". She struggled to raise the economic situation of England. To conclude, she nevertheless served to bridge the gap between men and women.


Emeline Pankhurst

As an exceptional British woman, Emeline Pankhurst was a leading British women's rights activist, who led the movement to win the right for women to vote. 
She struggled all her life to bring men and women on an equal footing. That's why, Emeline founded in 1889 the Women's Franchise League which fought to allow women to vote in local elections.
She created a women's movement, and Emeline wanted to draw the attention to her cause. So, British politicians, the press and the public were astomised by their bolds demonstrations : window smashing, arson and hunger strikes. She continued her struggle to reach her goal, to stand up for their rights. In 1918, the Representation of the People's Act gave voting rights to women... And it's a lot thanks to Emeline Pankhurst.

Margaux kubler TS

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was an exceptional woman because she believed in affirmative action. She was a black woman who stood up against racism in the United States: she wanted to be on an equal footing with the white people. One day, she sat in the front of the bus while it was compulsory for black people to sit in the back. This woman did not lack courage. Rosa Parks was arrested by the police but she never stopped fighting for black people's rights. In 1955, that was the starting point of the bus boycott. It was an achievement: new laws were passed making segregation in buses illegal. She reached her goal and received many awards for her struggle. Rosa Parks is an incredible woman.
Louana Kinze TS

Woman of the year?

Hillary Clinton an American woman who thinks women can be treated in the same way as men and can be on an equal footing socially, politically and economically.

She said:" Women's rights are humans rights, and human rights are women's rights."
On the one hand she struggled for women's rights and on the other hand she fought against inequality and violence to the women. She continues her fight and she over-comes the difficulties to assert her rights because she's not submissive. On the contrary she represents the achievement that makes of her an important politician.

Consequently her career shows that all the women have the same opportunities to make it to the top and to reach their goals. Moreover if she becomes the first woman president she will show to the whole world that the women can be equal and it will be a big step.
Sonia Lopez TSC

A fabulous woman, Emily Davidson

Emily Davison was born in 1872 in London, she was one of the most famous suffragettes for her investment to bridge the gap between women's rights and men's rights. For her, women were not second class citizens and they had to have the same job opportunity, the same wages and the same rank in the society as men.
To reach her goal, she integrated a women's association named Women's Social and Political Union, created by Emmeline Pankhurst. This association stood up for women's right, by orginizing demonstrations. She was imprisoned several times for public disturbances. In jail, she went on hunger strike to draw the attention of the politicians on their cause.

But her most radical action, was in 1913, during a derby. She went to the horse race, and tried to stop the king's horse. Unfortunately, the horse knocked her down. She died in martyr. After that, nobody can deny or refuse to consider their struggle. 

Dubacquie Nicolas, Coeurveille Joffrey, Matéo Pottin, Matchek Pawlinski TS

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Our group in London (2nde EFG)

It was a great group!!!


During our school trip to London, on our second day more specifically, we went to the Shakespeare Globe Theater, rebuilt after several destructions (fire, demolition) in 1996. It looks like a wooden white circle with an alike straw roof.
We went to see the piece A Midsummer night's dream written by Shakespeare between 1594 and 1595. It was an adaptation from the original piece, which was a comedy, and changed in many ways. Indeed, the actors were part of a Bollywood crew and they added several singing parts that were both funny and well-sung. They also changed the original characters' sex : for example, the main character in the piece was a girl named Helena and in the theater she was played by a boy whose name had been changed in Helenus. All these details gathered made the whole piece really funny and interesting even though it was a bit long standing for three hours in the crowd.

The Globe Laborde Matthieu 2EPalacios Maritxu 2G

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a very big building where Queen Elisabeth II lives. It's a very protected palace with a lot of guards. At 11:30am, there is the Changing of the Guards, a lot of guards are on the road, there is a sort of choregraphy and some of them are on horses. We have waited a lot but it was cool and good to see it.
Romain Bastien

Our hostel in London

Hello ! We went on a school trip to London five days ago.
We slept in a hostel four nights. The hostel name is "Acacia hostel". It is not a dream hostel because there are just two showers for everybody and there are no mirrors in the bedroom and on the bathroom.
Breakfast in the hostel is not very good because there are just two French toasts, a little jam and a little butter. There is wifi but we can connect only from the reception. We have a bedroom for six persons.
Bye !

2nd E

5 days in London

At London we slept in a  hostel. Every day we saw yet disregarded some specimens. The first night in  the kitchen pupils were shocked by a man who danced under the effect of the second evening beuh. During the summit meeting the class panicked when a drunk man interrupted them. The last night Iban INCHAUSPE was petrified at the sight of the transvestite.
Reviews:  This was the story of the mervellous stay at Acacia Hostel

Two pictures of London:

Wesminster Abbey

Victoria and Albert Hall
Théo et Théo 2nE,F

Traffic in London

During our London trip, we walked a lot in the city. We saw the traffic which is very dangerous. There were so many double-deckers, taxis, cyclists and rich cars. Traffic was very important. The Londoners are very much in a hurry, they drive quickly. The most famous monument we saw was Big Ben. We can see it from afar. In this picture we were on Westminster Bridge over the Thames.

                                                                  Aurore Saint-Martin, Lola Lartigau, Camille Sens 2nde F

Big Ben

                            Big Ben

Big Ben is a famous monument of London, it is located between Westminster Bridge and Westminster Abbey.
It weighs 13.5 tonnes , only people who live in GB can visit it.
There is a big clock higher than the tower


Tuesday was the last day in London. We woke up at 8:30am and we left the hostel at 9:30am. We took the bus during 25minutes to go the "London Museum". We ate our lunch there. This museum told us the history of London from prehistory to the 21century. It's a modern and beautiful museum with a lot of things. We have seen as many paintings as sculptures as short films. There are many representation (model) like old london city or London nowdays. We spent 2hours there and we didn't see time past because it was very impressive, very interisting.
Next, we took the bus to go to the famous Oxford Street. Our teachers let us 2 free hours for shopping. We have seen all the shops possible and imaginables like the biggest topshop of the world and the biggest nike shop of Europe. We have also seen luxury shops. We have bought lots of memories.
To finish, we crossed a very big park, the biggest of London, Hyde Park  to come back to the hostel.

SAUBIETTE Marie, PIC Gianna, RODRIGUEZ Elisa 2E et 2G.

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Casey Newton is a smart teenager who loves science. She's caught sabotaging a NASA system therefore she goes to jail. Her father pays for the deposit so she goes out. When she gets home, she finds in her room an strange pin and when she touches it, she can see another world. After a robot, Athena, brings her to see Frank Walter, an old inventor who knows this world. What's this world? Casey and Frank are going to this world to discover all its secrets. 


Ant Man

Ant-Man is a movie released in 2015. It's an American superhero film. The main character is a human called Scott Lang. He can become an ant, very small but stronger than when he is a human thanks to a special suit. Doctor Pym will help Scott to control himself when he is an ant.

 Together they will have to steal something in order to save the world because it is in danger because of Darren Cross. Darren Cross is a human but he has the possibility to change himself into an ant too. But, when he turns into an ant, he is faster and stronger than Scott Lang even if he is an insect too. Darren Cross wants to create an army of humans who can transform themselves into ants to conquer the world and become the man the most powerful of the planet. Lang and Pym intend to kill him during the burglary but they don't want humanity to know the existence of a suit which can turn the person who wears it into a little and very strong ant. 

SASTOURNÉ Romain / NAZABAL Sébastien 2nde EFG

The fifth wave

We have chosen the sic-fi movie called "The Fifth Wave", released in January this year. The story is about a normal teenager, Cassie Sullivan, who lives an ordinary life, until the day the earth has to face an alien invasion planned to decimate the population in many stages, called "Waves". The young girl finds herself alone and tries to survive on the desert roads of the USA. She starts looking for her little brother. But Cassie can't trust anyone. The invaders, called "The Others", are everywhere and look like everybody. The surviving humans must be careful. The Others are about to let the fifth wave happen, which will completely destroy humanity.

Adèle and Marie 2nde EFG

Sunday, 28 February 2016


Lucy has inadvertedly Fallen in the hand of the Korean mafia, and she is forced to let in a new secret synthetic drug discovered in European. To facilitate the operation, the drug was hidden in the stomach of the young woman. Things get complicated when the substance propagates in Lucy’s  body. Rather than killing her, the drug increases her intellectual capacities, allowing her to stop the world which surrounds her as nobody previously could and to assimilate a phenomenal quantity of information in record time. The question is how long can Lucy’s body react to the drug, and where they will take her.

Noiret-Seriset Louise-Amale 2nd B

The 100

97 years ago a nuclear apocalypse due to a 3rd world war destroyed the Earth. 400 survivors took refuge in space on a vessel called " The Ark " and reproduced over the years to arrive at 4000 inhabitants among which are three generations. But the resources of this vessel run out and people are about to die... The leaders of the Ark decide then to send 100 teen prisoners on Earth to verify if it is now possible to live there again. They will discover that they are not alone and will have to survive by all possible means...

Star Wars 7

30 years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire a new evil force arises, the mighty First Order. They simply hate Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi who has disappeared. They are also the enemy of the New Republic. However, the Resistance Order is a very powerful group. They attempt to eliminate the First Order backed by the Republic which opposes them while searching for Luke Skywalker to enlist his aid.

The Seventh Star Wars is entitled "The Force Awakens". The film was released in December 2015. It's an American epic space opera film which was directed, co-produced and co-written by J.J. Abrams. Star Wars's universe takes place in a galaxy where two communities fight: the Jedi and the Sith. The Knights Jedi have a mysterious power, the Force, they want to help the resistance fighters against the dark side controled by the supreme leader. New characters appear in "The Force Awakens", Rey is a resistant girl living and surviving in the desert, she finds the robot BB-8, in which a secret map is hidden. BB-8 belongs to the best pilot of the resistance called Poe Dameron. Finn is a Stormtroopers of the first order. He decided to leave and join the resistance. At this moment, he meets Rey and BB-8. With the help of Han Solo (and Chewbacca), a famous rebel in the galaxy, Rey and Finn join their strength to maintain peace in the galaxy. At the end of the movie, Rey meets the first Jedi, Luke Skywalker, and shows that the generation of Jedis is not over and offers hope and peace in the space galaxy.
Johanna BERGARETCH 2nde BD

Thirty years after the destruction of the Death Star, Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi alive, disappeared. The first Order tries to find him, just like the Resistance, a military force defending the New Republic. At the head of the Resistance there is the twin sister of Luke, general Leia. Poe Dameron, the best pilot of the Resistance, is sent to planet Jakku to get their hands on a map to locate Luke, hidden by an old man. This give him the card when the village was attacked by troops of the first Order, led by Kylo Ren, a warrior how uses the dark side of the Force, and ordered the execution of all the villagers. One of the stormtroopers, named FN-2187, panicks and does not fire. Before being captured, Dameron hides the map in his droid BB-8, which escapes through the dunes of the desert planet and eventually falls on a lonely plundering of wrecks called Rey.
Alexandre PENE COOCK 2nde EFG

Point Break

After more and more hold-ups in California, the financial market is fragile. The members of the strange group of robbers wearing masks of former presidents is responsible for these bank roberries. Johnny Utah, the main character, is a new member of the FBI. He wants to infiltrate the group of robbers who are also surfers. He has to make extreme sports with them to gain their confidence but something will go wrong...

Vincent Narp 2°D

The Martian

Mark Watney is one of the few human beings to have set foot on Mars. He could well be the first one to die there …

When a mortal sandstorm forces his team-mates to evacuate the planet, Mark finds himself alone and without resources, irreparably cut by any means of communication with the Earth. Nevertheless Mark is not ready to give up hope.
Ingenious, terribly handy and stubborn, he confronts one by one seemingly insurmontable problems.
Isolated and at bay, will he succeed in challenging his fate ?

The count-down has already begun...
Hugo IBAR 2nde B

Saturday, 27 February 2016


It is a series on supernatural beings. 

Scott, the main character, is played by Tyler Posey.  In fact he was bitten one evening by a werewolf while walking in the forest and this is the way he became a werewolf. 
Then Scott created his own pack with his best friend Stiles (played by Dylan O' Brien) who had no supernatural powers and also with another friend from high school. During these 5 seasons the pack has to face  a lot of misadventures, danger...
Claudia CARBALO 2ndeD

Thank you Utah!

Got your postcards alright!
Did you get ours?
2nde BD

2nde EFG (group1)

2nde EFG (group2)

Monday, 8 February 2016

News from Utah!

Postcards from Utah

Dear Johanna, 
I want to offer my condolences about the horrible events in Paris. I hope none of your family was injured. I think it is terrible that things like this violent act happened. I wish those terrible things didn't happen. Paris is such a beautiful city and her people as well. Are things begining to go back to normal ? I hope so. If you need help just let me know in your next letter. I hope you don't mind if I ask questions. Do you feel safe to go out and have fun without being afraid ? I hope so. Just know our prayers are with all those who mourn the loss of loved ones. 

Bonjour Emma !
Oh my goodness ! When I first heard about the attack on paris I was so scared for you guys and I wanted to make sure everyone was okay !! I think that is just so crazy and so scary! How did you feel about it? was it close to your house or your family or friends? I would be so scared! I can't believe people do that. I hope you are doing good! I really loved reading your letter! 
Write back soon!                                                                          Whitney <3

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How I survived (or not) living 24/48h without any e-devices.

Last week-end, we were supposed to live between 24 and 48 hours without any e-devices. My experience is more about how I completely failed rather than about how I succeded.

I started on friday morning at 8 o'clock just when school started actually. And I needed to use my phone in the evening. So basically I lasted around 12 hours, it's terrible I know. But it technically was not my fault, I needed to help my dad who hadn't grown up with all this new technology like us. He is not used to browsing the internet or anything like that.

It was really hard not being able to text my friends in order to hang out, or even to listen to music. It was even harder when I came home after school and saw my family watching a movie together. I wanted to join them badly but I couldn't, so instead I went to my room and read a book. I felt bored out of my mind so I admit when my dad asked for help I took the first opportunity to use my e-devices again.
And this is how I could barely survived without any e-devices. Trust me it's harder than it looks, you all think you can go one week without those devices? Be my guest, go ahead ! You will learn the same lesson as I did. Thanks to those new devices everything is handed to us we don't need to do anything anymore that's why we quickly feel bored. We also have the impression to be social butterflies via social media but the truth is when we are alone facing our screens in our bedrooms we are not sharing anything with anyone.

To put everything in a nutshell, as long as we are aware of how we are using our e-devices it's fine. But it becomes dangerous when you start living in your own world, and the internet becomes more important than real life. And this is probably what is awaiting us in the near future. But is there a way to prevent it?

How I survived (or not) without using any e-veices for 24/48h...

This weekend we had to stay off any e-devices to see how we live as normal individuals without any cellphones or ohther devices.

I didn't even start this challenge because i know that i need to have my phone constantly. I depend on it totally, especially this weekend because i had to study for exams.
But the fact that i didn't even consider doing the challenge shows that technology has affected me to the point that i can't picture myself without my cellphone for more than two hours.
And not only because i had to work with the internet but because i follow daily several artists and newspaper so i always have notifications on my phone that i need to check from time to time that way i am aware of what's happening in the world while i'm at home working for my exams.

So to put in a nutshell i may say that i didn't take this challenge seriously because i knew that i can't stay off my phone more that two hours so imagine me a whole day without it, i'd go crazy.

But if you believe you have a good self-control go ahead and try it, 24/48 hours without any e-devices. Good luck!

Pandora Feltrin TLVA

How I survived (or not) without e-devices for 24/48h...

Last Saturday I tried not to use any e-devices for the whole day. In the morning, unlike every morning, I didn't check my phone. Thankfully I was kind of busy all day and managed to entertain myself without going on the internet, watching TV or checking my messages on my cellphone. It still felt weird as I had to get rid of most of my habits even for a short amount of time.

Otherwise, the experience didn't really affect me because even without new technology I can always read books, exercise or do a bunch of other things. That said, it isn't worth listening to music in my opinion and I was eagerly waiting for my day to end so I could turn my cellphone on and do what I usually do on my free time: mainly listening to music, watching movies and chatting with friends.

If I look back to it I guess it didn't change anything for me, in some way it was kinda disturbing in a good way but I wouldn't spend weeks without e-devices just for the sake of it even if it wasn't a “difficult” challenge per se.