Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How I survived (or not) living 24/48h without any e-devices.

Last week-end, we were supposed to live between 24 and 48 hours without any e-devices. My experience is more about how I completely failed rather than about how I succeded.

I started on friday morning at 8 o'clock just when school started actually. And I needed to use my phone in the evening. So basically I lasted around 12 hours, it's terrible I know. But it technically was not my fault, I needed to help my dad who hadn't grown up with all this new technology like us. He is not used to browsing the internet or anything like that.

It was really hard not being able to text my friends in order to hang out, or even to listen to music. It was even harder when I came home after school and saw my family watching a movie together. I wanted to join them badly but I couldn't, so instead I went to my room and read a book. I felt bored out of my mind so I admit when my dad asked for help I took the first opportunity to use my e-devices again.
And this is how I could barely survived without any e-devices. Trust me it's harder than it looks, you all think you can go one week without those devices? Be my guest, go ahead ! You will learn the same lesson as I did. Thanks to those new devices everything is handed to us we don't need to do anything anymore that's why we quickly feel bored. We also have the impression to be social butterflies via social media but the truth is when we are alone facing our screens in our bedrooms we are not sharing anything with anyone.

To put everything in a nutshell, as long as we are aware of how we are using our e-devices it's fine. But it becomes dangerous when you start living in your own world, and the internet becomes more important than real life. And this is probably what is awaiting us in the near future. But is there a way to prevent it?

How I survived (or not) without using any e-veices for 24/48h...

This weekend we had to stay off any e-devices to see how we live as normal individuals without any cellphones or ohther devices.

I didn't even start this challenge because i know that i need to have my phone constantly. I depend on it totally, especially this weekend because i had to study for exams.
But the fact that i didn't even consider doing the challenge shows that technology has affected me to the point that i can't picture myself without my cellphone for more than two hours.
And not only because i had to work with the internet but because i follow daily several artists and newspaper so i always have notifications on my phone that i need to check from time to time that way i am aware of what's happening in the world while i'm at home working for my exams.

So to put in a nutshell i may say that i didn't take this challenge seriously because i knew that i can't stay off my phone more that two hours so imagine me a whole day without it, i'd go crazy.

But if you believe you have a good self-control go ahead and try it, 24/48 hours without any e-devices. Good luck!

Pandora Feltrin TLVA

How I survived (or not) without e-devices for 24/48h...

Last Saturday I tried not to use any e-devices for the whole day. In the morning, unlike every morning, I didn't check my phone. Thankfully I was kind of busy all day and managed to entertain myself without going on the internet, watching TV or checking my messages on my cellphone. It still felt weird as I had to get rid of most of my habits even for a short amount of time.

Otherwise, the experience didn't really affect me because even without new technology I can always read books, exercise or do a bunch of other things. That said, it isn't worth listening to music in my opinion and I was eagerly waiting for my day to end so I could turn my cellphone on and do what I usually do on my free time: mainly listening to music, watching movies and chatting with friends.

If I look back to it I guess it didn't change anything for me, in some way it was kinda disturbing in a good way but I wouldn't spend weeks without e-devices just for the sake of it even if it wasn't a “difficult” challenge per se.