Tuesday, 27 February 2018


This week, the 26th of February, in the Time Magazine, there is an article about a man, a british Doctor Lord, Robert Winston. He was on the train when a woman begun a loud conversation that last an hour later. Winston was furious and he took a picture of the woman and post it on social media. He  began to tweet about her and more than 40,000 followers received it. When the train arrived at destination, there was the press which was waiting for her and showed her what Winston wrote about her. She just said that his action was : rude. The end of the article is about studies that show where come the rudeness and how Winston should have talk to the lady face to face rather than humiliate her on social networks.

Sunday, 25 February 2018


This film illustrating the psychological war in parallel with the physical war,from the russian point of view in particular,with an impressive reconstruction of a ruined Stalingrad.
Stalingrad is the work of a filmmaker applied:Annaud heals the pageant,like the big scenes;we will not forget the beginning,a tribute to soldier Ryan's Spielberg,nor the air attack,the chaos and the fear distilled by an effective assembly.
But the application also pushes him to systematically alternate strong moment and hollow moment and weaknesses dominate:direction of random actors,dialogues heavily explanatory,clichés attached to caricature characters,redundant music.
Essentially,the film describes a fight between two snipers both sides.
The scenes are very striking with a well chosen music during different moments like the sad scene
with the hanging of sacha or the moment or Nikita Krushchev orders the execution of deserters.
There is also a love story between Tania and Vassili which is very interesting.
This shows a story with difficulties during a very hard period during the famous battle of Stalingrad.
We see clearly a distinction with the Nazi sniper who embodies evil and the soviet sniper who is a good persons.
To finish we can say that this film and in particular Vassili represents the heroism of the war and the combatant.
It's clearly an epic work.

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Friday, 2 February 2018

American Sniper

American Sniper

American Sniper is an American war movie directed bye Clint Eastwood, this is a adaptation of the autobiography of the American Sniper and member of the SEAL, Kris Kyle. This film is the biggest commercial success of Clint Eastwood career.
I loved this movie because there is a lot of action and rebound, we embody a character who is very courageous and interesting.
I stongly advice this film because it is really interesting and deal with a taboo subject.