Friday, 12 December 2014

Friends from Greece

Our greek teammates

Last friday, we spoke with Greek students in a video conference using skype. They were six girls and just one boy, he seemed lonely. They seem to have a better canteen than us. They described the place where they live, and also the architecture of their high-school and their schedule. Of course, we answered them describing our high-school and our habits.
Antoine Glory - 1STL
Our friends from Greece

On Friday 5th, December 2014, we had a skypemeeting with the Greeks. We talked about Christmas, school, our country and how we celebrate the new year.
There are 7 Greek students : one man, 6 girls with a profesors. The pupils that we met are 1ère as well.
In Greece the pupils can eat at any hour. They work from 8 am till 2 pm but they have one test every year.
None from Greek ever came to France and none of us from France ever went to Greece.
Tom Avril - 1STL
On Friday 7th September we met our friends from Greece thanks to the technology because we managed to see our friends with Skype!
At the beginning we talked about us, our names, our age and our hobbies! There is 1 boy and 6 girls in their group!
After that we talked about French schools. How many hour we have of math or chemistry, how many buildings we have at school and they answered to the same questions!
We learn about Greek schools and we talked about our city: what buildings, what monuments we can find! And the last but not least we talked about how we celebrate Christmas!
Eva Hirigoyen - 1STL

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Ciceronis modo discipulorum orationes

Hic, hic sunt in nostro numero, cives, in hoc orbis terrae sanctissimo gravissimoque consilio, qui de nostro omnium interitu, qui de hujus humi atque adeo de orbis terrarum exitio cogitent ! Igitur sic effundetis aquam nostram, sic corrumpetis aerem nostrum, sic caedetis arbores nostros. O di immortales! Quousque tandem, cives, delebitis Tellurem nostram, matrem nostram!
Darricarrere Chloé 1SA
O di immortales ! Quam rem publicam habemus ? Est tamen quinta Respublica !  Hic in ostras urbe sunt mala. Magna mala ! Maxima mala ! Gens nostro principe perit. Estisne caeci ? Non estis, cari amici ab principe desdicemus ? Quae cum ita sint, egredere aliquando ex Urbe patent portrae : non te volumuus.
O di immortales, tempus velociter perit et non videmus eum transire. Adulescentia delicata est, fruemur, antequam a nobis excidit ! Vita quales aqua est, in manus nostra influit : imprensibilis est !
Marc Darricarrère et Sandro Berroy 1SA
        O di immortales ! Quam rem publicam habemus ? Videtis istos ? Sunt in vostro numero, Patres Conscripti, in hoc orbis terrae sanctissimo gravissimoque consilio, isti viri omnium interitu, isti viri gerunt rem publicam. Isti viri partes mundi distribuunt quem finem quisque gerit. Isti viri multum periculum sunt nobis, sunt Patres Conscripti, isti viri volunt potestatem

Romain Darricarrère et Noé Labes 1SA