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“Oliver!”, which came out in 1968 was by far one of the most brilliant and vibrant movies.

Firstly, it will never age.

This dramatic musical is absolutely touching. We can feel through the screen the freedom of children in the acting.

This adaptation of Charles Dickens novel from 1838, Oliver Twist, will for sure be exciting for children to watch, notably thanks to the plot of the story and also the unforgettable characters. We are getting closer to them, following their personalities and you will very certainly surprise yourself getting attached to them. 

The authenticity in the roles is touching.

It find it very unique, because usually you can have trouble finding such a dynamic movie, made with songs, lively productions creating a great performance along the story, which is very realistic. 


I, Daniel Blake review

 I, Daniel Blake is a ken loach movie. It’s the story of  Daniel Blake, a 59-year-old English carpenter who after a heart attack is jobless and penniless. It’s also the story of Katie a single mother of 2 . It’s an impactful movie who shows the behind of the british welfare. Despite their different backgrounds and struggles their experience is shared by many people in the world.

This movie is very good if you want to understand the struggles of many people with the government. 

The film review of Oliver !

 Oliver ! is a musical drama film directed by Carol Reed which came out in 1968.
 I chose this film rather atypical by its genre which deals in a specific way the same problems that the society meets in the initial book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens who is an English writer and social critic. 
 The fact that this movie is a musical one makes people way more open and understanding on the problems the story wants to make aware of by some scenes like the famous one "I want some more" scene. 
 The aim of this film is to make people understand the social inequalities that were present from an early age during the industrial revolution.

Here, the trailer of the movie :

Cousin Louane

I, Daniel Blake

 An other Time, a drama from Ken Loach receives the Palme d’Or .And it is not a surprise When you whatch the movie.

I Daniel Blake is a drama about what’s going on in dificulties at work for old workers. This film set in United kingdom.
There is also a women with two kids.This family makes Ken Loach’s film more dynamic since we can see mutual help beetween people.

I Daniel Blake is a very powerful film, I recomand it to people who like thriller movies 

Film Review of Oliver Twist

Film review of Oliver Twist, a book by Charles Dickens published in 1838 and made in the movie/musical  “Oliver!” by Carole Reed in 1968.

This film is a musical, and bring some joy in this really shocking story. I chose this document because it denounce the living conditions and poor treatment in workhouses in the 19th century but in an amusing way. 

At first sight, we can think that we are going just to see a musical, with good vibes and dances. In fact, this movie denounce the social injustice of the orphans through an appearance less shocking of the real situation.

Through this film, everyone can understand the conditions of living and how was it hard to live. But you can also enjoy the songs and dances. It’s a really good film, because you learn about social injustices while enjoying the beauty of art. 

Nina S.

The Hate U Give - Prune

 This drama produced by George Tillman Jr. in 2018 is about social inequalities in the USA between black and white people. George Tillman Jr. wanted to depict racial and social issues based on black skin people through this movie. Starr Carter, a young black teenager, lost her friend who was shot by the police without any reasons. Here the director wanted to show the violence of racism in the USA. In fact this kind of drama often happens in this country. This movie is really touching and poignant because it’s a true story so thanks to it people can realize how far situations like this can go. Moreover, another issue depicted in this movie is the lack of money that many afro-Americans have to deal with because it is difficult for them to find a job. 

Prune Planche 

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Ken Loach's "Sorry We Missed You"


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