Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Young Voices : "You live, you learn"

You live, You learn : 

18/01/2022, 21h19, by Léa

        Recently, I've read a very well-known book written by an American writer that everyone have eard of : Moon Palace by Paul Auster. Throughout the book, I was finding similarities between the life experiences of the protagonist, and my personal life experiences. After talking with one of my friend who has also read this book, I realise that her too. 

        But how this his even possible ? How can we identify to life experiences of a fictional caracter, especially a caracter with a life full of twists and turns ? I think that Moon Palace really illustrates a sort of transition, maybe an evolution, during the life. And everyone - I'm sure that you too - have experienced difficulties during their grown-up, this is what we call a "coming of age". A sort of rite of passage that educate and teach the young and innocent, to make them adults aware about the difficulty of life. In many cases, this "coming of age" really hurts. Your ideals are belieds, the world that you were imaginating is totally different, your innocence is lost. And those hardships are the key to prepare yourself for the tumultuous life that is coming. 

        We can easily said that whithout those hardships, your life as an adult will be a disaster, because you won't be prepared and concious of the reality, you will still be a child or an immature person that believes that life isn't so hard. Thanks to those falls, you will raise easier. I recomand you to do some researchs on this topic, once you understand this, I promise that your vision on life is going to change, especially for us, young people that are kind of lost in their lifes. 

        Thanks for reading me today, I hope this topic has tempted your attention ! Next week, we are going to treat about how to deal with school problems and how to find your path in the school world. See you next week ! 

Léa ARNAUDIN, blogger on Young Voices

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Time magazine

 Hello everyone,

Today i am going to talk about orders on internet.

Since the covid crisis, people orders more and more on internet for absolutly everything. For example, we can order food thanks to "the drive", a lot of web site suggest to buy clothes like Shein, Pretty Little Thing... and we have many website available to obtain random stuff like Amazon. 

In America, the famous company Fedex delivering more pckage than ever before since the pandemic. This is an interesting article because it traces the journey of a giant giraffe that somebody orders and we can follow the way from factory to doorstep. It took him 38 days to arrive before the pandemic and 53 days during the pandemic. 

As a matter of fact ,we are all concerned about this business because more and more people between 18 and 25 years old, so young people, use this method to gain time, a wider range of choices... But the problem is, firstly it pollues a lot because of the transport used, clients become more exigent so the companies are more concurrential , prices grows and it leads to inflation.

From my point of view, I ask you to red this article in oder to be more responsible, to inform you and be aware of the consequences in the future.


Friday, 26 November 2021

Time Magasine


October 18th 2021 TIME : Throught committement and politics

Today, I am commenting the edition of october 18th TIME edition, a long but very interesting newspaper, develloping many society facts. Throughtout the various articles develloped, it is very difficult to know how to start. So, I decided to first comment the « Woment of the year », who is also on the cover page : Jane Godall. She is a environmentalist and naturalist, with a Cambridge Ph. D in Animals Behaviour. Her story is told, from a simple student studyings chimpanzees in Tanzania to one of the probably biggest environementailst of modern time. What really caught me in getting involved in this reading is the very spiritual and nature-connected tone she used to have. At this point, we can still feel the conection with nature she created with nature while exploring and observing the wild tanzania forests, which adds a diferent dimention to actual politics and scientists points of view about environement and nature. In addition to that, her well-funded commitement about nature, and also her age make us way more comprehensive about the message she want to share, eventhought she is writting with a lot of poetry and romantisme, as for example her saying about the nature : « there is a little plea in it-a plea for help. ».

But, ecology is not the only commitement source in this TIMe, and we understand a social-progressist voluntee whithin each page of this book. The redation give us tips for more inclusive life, politic opinion about abortion on LGBT lobbying in elemntary schools… The positive thing i can say about that, since i am not always agreeing with theese kind of ideologies, is that they don’t hide or try to manipulate the reader by any way : they just give their opinion, which is a totally legitimate and necessary thing to a critic society.

To end up on some patrtiotic point, another article describes how and why a millitary presence from the US forces are still legitimate in Africa : Atiterorism, opened fights agaist al-quaida… Seeing such a reknownlenge for the US millitary to sacrifice their personal life to their country felt very touching to me, reminding me by the one hand the culture gap between France and America, and by the other hand that conflicts are not over in this world, and that the US fight on our side for freedom and power.

In order to conclude, I want to relate some articles that I also liked a lot, maybe as a reading tips to you. Indeed, throughout the 99 pages of this paper, any of us could feel lost. So, two other things I would advice to read is, for the one hand, the new york Governor Kathy Hochul testimony about her feelings about the incoming governor elections, and theUkrainian memorial creation, a very ambitious and full of deference project.

Sunday, 21 November 2021


        First of all, Ian Bremmer put the light on the thorny issue of the diplomatic relation between the Iran and the U.S, we saw that the tention between those two power have an impact through all the world. By turning the pages, we can find the portrait of an inspiring Indian woman :  Indra Nooyi's that I encourages you to read if you are in lack of motivation and needing a reminder that your are able to do big things !                                                                                                                                                                                    The main topic in this magazine is the Special Report about climate change titled "Climate is Everything. We discover the main questions that are going to be debate at the COP26 in Glasgow, the most important meeting about climate change who reunite representative from differents countries to try to save the planet from the climate disaster. We also can find a really good drawing by Lon Tweeten, who explain how the Central Banks can be game-changers by modifying their way of spending actions. More over, a five pages article by two Australian journalist highlight the impact of the green power on the most impoverished communities, wich is an issue that is not covered by the medias. 

    After this main topic, we enter in the section "Time off" : we first talk about an icon, Lady Diana. Since many years, the mistery around here continue to trigger any number of articles. To continue, Annabel Gutterman introduce Darcie Little Badger, a writer who make it a point of honnor to represent minorities, like the LGBT community, in her books. She's the illustration of the new generation that bring freshness into an old domain : Litterature. 

Monday, 8 November 2021

News from Utah (November 2021)

 Our penpals live 2 hours away from Las Vegas in a desert. They are either from St George, Santa Clara or Ivins, Utah. Utah is a very hot state and yet it is very cold in winter that is why their school is called "Snow Canyon high school"! They often go hiking to see all of the mountains and visit all the parks. They often hang out together. 

Their school logo represents an Indian chief!!!!! Noah's penpal is a Native American called Jackson.

 In summer it is very hot in summer (about 115°F) and very cold in winter (30°F). St George is in the middle of a desert. It is not far from Las Vegas. It is located in the bottom left corner of Utah. It is next to many American National parks. The earth is red and the mountains are beautiful. There are plenty of  cactus. Their school is called Snow Canyon High school therefore it sometimes snows in St George.

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Why should you guys read this magazine?

Why should you guys read this magazine ? 

To start with, this magazine contains a variety of articles ranging from topics such as sport or racism all the way to an article explaining how powerful hugs can be on human beings. Basically what I’m trying to say is that there is bound to be something that will meet your interests.

Firstly, the article that particularly took my fancy and that I find quite interesting for you guys to read is a risk report by Ian Bremer about Macron on page 15. It’s title is « France faces an uncertain future as the Macron dream falters » and it talks about the local elections that had some interesting results. On June 20th, Macron’s LR won just 11% of the vote, on par with the Green Party and the Socialists and Le Pen scored only 19% however the center rights, Les Républicains, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy won about 29%. This shows that voters have their doubts that any party can bring a real change to France. Xavier Bertrand was the winner from this muddle and he is shown as the biggest challenger for President next year so can he sweep past Le Pen and Macron? 

Furthermore another article I enjoyed was « Building A Better Simone Biles » page 76 by Alice Park. This article is about Simone Biles and how she got even greater. The 24 year old from Spring, Texas is the greatest gymnast of all time and she just keeps on going. She doesn’t settle for 25 World Championship medals or four gold Olympic medals and that’s why she is so aspiring, she continues to challenge herself, continuing to compete against herself. Even after an incident in 2018 where she was abused by the convicted sexual predator Larry Nassar she is still competing as a member of the national team and doesn’t let that get to her showing how strong she is. It shows us that no matter what happens don’t just give up as soon as you succeed your first goal, carry on fighting and you will only become more successful in life. 

And lastly, on page 56 there are multiple photographs regarding corona virus vaccinations. Seen as this is a very talked about subject at the moment I thought you guys would find it interesting reading and seeing everyone’s different stories because the vaccine isn’t that simple for everyone. For instance, Allison Bungard helps her son Andrew who is only 13 and has cerebral palsy and Factor V Leiden thrombophilia to receive his shot at a vaccine clinic in Charleston. Or Dana Campbell plays the hormonica before being vaccinated in his home in Elkview. It really gets you thinking as to how much covid 19 has impacted and continues to impact each and everyone’s lives and not everyone is as fortunate to be able to get vaccinated easily. 

Béatrice Roberts, 14/10/21

Saturday, 9 October 2021

No Time to Die - 2021

Introduction to the new James Bond movie, namely "No Time To Die"

And it's French equivalent :