Thursday 9 November 2023

Buste de Marie-Thérèse


For this sculpture called « buste de Marie-Thérèse » made in 1931, Picasso is using plaster.

The sculpture represents a bust, with an elongated neck and a head with unsual proportions. It’s part of the cubism movement to create destructured figures and faces, here we can see that the face has différents aspects according to your point of view. She has a prominent nose and uneven eyes.

However Picasso succeeded to creat harmony by assembling these elements and the plaster seated a soft and smooth texture.


Monday 6 November 2023

Campbells soup cans pop art

 Campbells soup cans is a painting made by Andy Warhol. The purpose of making this piece is because of friend of his told Andy to make something anyone could recognize. He took this offer with something he often used which was tomato soup.(photo doesn’t upload)

Tableau Coeur, Keith Haring

 Pop Art 

Keith Haring, « Tableau Coeur » 1988

The Keith Haring « Tableau Coeur » is an inspiring and vibrant piece of contemporary art that captures the essence of legendary artist Keith Haring. Haring is a popular artist who began his career in New York in the 1980s, with his unique and bold drawing style that quickly became famous the world over.


The titan's goblet is an artwork from the Hudson River School movement, which is nicknamed as a painting within a painting by the metropolitan museum of art, New York USA.

It was made by Thomas Cole, the founder of this movement in 1833 and it is described as his most mysterious work which défies full explanation of regular art. Allegorical andimaginary landscape

Yellow Canyon, Helen Frankenthaler


In this painting, the artist uses pouring technic to create a point of depth in the center, here the yellow color. We can see the big brush's movements that create large lines and grandeur effect. We can think this artwork relate to the movement abstract expressionism due to the painting technics used but also to minimalism.