Sunday, 25 November 2018

Letter 2 (2018-2019) - St George, Utah

Each student of our class received a second letter from the American penfriends. On the one hand, the American students had to describe themself physically and morally, in French. For example, my penfriend Ethan said that he is tall, he has black curly hair and brown eyes; he has freckles too. He also said that he is funny. On the other hand, our penfriends described their city: St George. We learnt that St George is a small town, located in the desert, in the state of Utah. It’s a hot and sunny place with red mountains. Moreover, this is a peaceful, calm and quiet place and there are many old and nice people. For instance, Ethan wrote in his letter that St George is a place for someone to retire. He added that there aren’t many things to do for kids. However, there are still activities like skateparks and trampoline parks.

Hello Utah! (2018-2019)

Letter 1 in French is a presentation from our American pen-friends, they are around 15 years old and they live in Saint George, Utah. They want to learn French and some of them want to be tri lingual.

The letter in English is a physical presentation and a presentation of their city. First, they tell us what they look like for us to try to find them on a picture. Then, they told us about Saint George, it’s a small town in Utah. It’s really hot there, indeed, it’s a desert. There’s also a lot of red mountains and rocks. And it never snow.

Oxhana GRAND 2A

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Friends from Utah - 2017/2018

Snow Canyon High School, St George, Utah

Our teacher made an exchange with students from Utah in the USA. So we had a smashing time! It was a balst! We could talk with penpals trhough different means such as videos, letters... and we spoke about different topics sucha as christmas, vacations, families and global warming. We would enjoy doing it again however we would change just one thing : We would like to meet them in Utah!
What an amazing year!
Chloé, Inès, Jeanne, Lehena and Manon from 2H

We liked to talk to Americans. Interacting with people who live far away was really exciting. But we would really have liked to exchange with them on social media and not only with letters. It could have been great to have friends from Utah!
Also letters sometimes didn't arrive on time and sometimes they did not arrive at all!
Carla, Mila, Luna and Anne from 2F

All year long we excahnged letters and videos with students from Snow Canyon High school, Utah. It was a new thing for us and it was a very good opportunity for us to be better at English. Thanks to these letters we learned how they celebrate christmas, thanksgiving, the new year's eve, Easter and all the class periods. We compared our school to theirs. Each one of us chatted w speak Frenchith only one American Student which created strong relationships. What was great with the videos was that we could hear foreigners speak French. If we had to do it again we would go for it!
Yaelle, Celeste, Annabelle and Elorri from 2E.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Et les TSTL dans la presse locale (Sud-Ouest)

Les TSTL dans la presse grecque

Voyage des TSTL en Grèce

The beginning of a long journey.

Aeroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle

Let's go to Greece!

Visiting Thessaloniki

The rotonda

Greek food, yummy...

Back to school in Greece

Meet us at the lab!

Discovering our blood type

Meeting our partners in the flesh!

5th lyceum of Veria, our partners


What a great adventure!

Back home!