Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Kamala Harris


"All men and women are created equal" are a reality for every American citizen ?

However great and inspirational this line is, it unfortunately doesn't reflect the reality for lots of American citizens...Indeed, the on-going society we are living in is still dominated by patriarchy. Although many obstacles and inequality have been overcome, there is still a long way to go in order to finally say that all men and women are created equal. Trougouh the years, women have always fought for their rights and will continue to do so until equality is genuinely reached. But as for now, I believe and most importantly, I hope mentalities have changed regarding women's place in the society.
Emma, 1A

Friday, 20 November 2020

The Western genre

The western genre has influenced contemporary American culture because it has been a representation of what United States looked like in the 19th century, a way to have action and history in the same movie. They were the good cowboys and sherrifs and the bad outlaws that were cruel and in need of power. Not only did it pleased to children but also to American adults. It has influenced the cinema since 1903. Today it still a famous genre which inspires a lot of new movies that are not necessarily westerns. The western film genre has made Gold Rush famous and an iconic period and gave importance to it in American culture not only in the cinema but also painting, drawing, singing and art in general.

Raphël TLLCE - 2020

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Contemporary American culture

On the influence of the western genre on contemporary American culture: 

Western fims, iconic western films. This genre has defenitely influenced American culture. Nowadays former boomtowns that used to struck gold are now ghost towns but most of them are now national historic sites. People want to visit them and learn about America's history. We still hear from the western genre because it is considered as a heritage. Companies are using it to attract customers and artists have been producing music videos showing off their cultural heritage which Americans are proud of. It is a part of their culture and will always be.

Amelle - Tle LLCE

Tuesday, 2 April 2019


From that moment, The Dwarf King understood that Brona was the principal
source of all this drama and due to her, all the Druids polulation was captured
ans now thrown in the dungeons. However Brona was also a Druid and her
action was an important betrayal for all her population.
In order to find Brona again, The Dwarf King decided to denounce her to all the
Druids community including those who were prisoners but also those who were
hidden in the forest to flee from the Trolls, as well as the Gnomes.
Many days later, all the Druids knew the news about Brona and her huge
betrayal. After that, all were convinced to find and captured her again in order
to kill her.

The Troll army continue The Second War of the Races, with the rebel Druid
Brona. They killed a lot of Druids and Dwarves... They took all the fortress, in all
the countries. Brona could help the Trolls, with the fortress map, or say where
the weapons were, like swords, axes or daggers, she helped them to make a lot
of assaults. But one day the Trolls wanted to assault Bronas family's fortress.
Brona tried to stop them, she begged the Troll King, she gave a few armors
from her family and weapons... But the Trolls didn't want to come back on their
decision and they attacked Brona's family.
She was very angry and she wanted to kill all the Trolls...

After a few weeks, Brona had finally changed sides and came back to her roots.
The only thing she wanted was to get a revenge on the Trolls, so she went back
to her people but they weren’t that friendly. She was held captive for a few
days while she was trying to explain to them that the Trolls had killed her
In the meanwhile the Dwarves were still hiding in the forest and surviving the
best way they could, but Brona proposed something they couldn’t refuse in any
way : information about every move their enemy was going to make and the
most important part, she knew how to defeat them…
Brona wanted justice for her family and she regretted the things she had done
before, so she told the Dwarves everthing she knew, giving them the
opportunity to attack back once and for all.

After all of this, Brona and the Dwarves started thinking of a plan to eliminate
the Trolls and Gnomes. They first thought about coming as a huge angry army
but it would have been to dangerous for them. Not only were they smaller than
the Trolls and the Gnomes but they8 were outnumbered. The Dwarves were
disapointed, they wanted to get their land back and save the Druids but they
couldnt because they were to weak in front of the enemies.
One day, Brona came to Raybur with a big idea in mind. She told him and all the
Dwarves to continue hiding in the forest but to prepare as many traps as
possible to capture the Troll army.
After a long journey preparing traps, thinking of new plans… Brona finally went
to the Trolls and shouted at them so they would follow her : the first who
would catch her would have the right to kill her! She started running and
running right into the forest so that they could be catched by the hidden traps.
A few minutes later all of the Trolls and Gnomes were captured by the Dwarves
in the forest.
The Dwarves had won ! After that they set free the captured Druids and everyone was

Lola, Jules, Anne-Sophie and Charlotte.

Thorus the brave.

 The Dwarf King needed to stop the true enemy that was the rebel druid, Brona. He called his most powerful dwarf knight, Thorus. This was such a special knight; he was smaller than the other dwarf knights but this wasn’t a problem for him : in fact, he was such much faster than everyone. He had red hair, blue eyes, a small nose but big ears. Those big ears weren’t a problem because he always wears his hat in wich is written « Raybur’s knight ». Moreover, he was determined to end the war and bring Brona to his king Raybur because the druids once destroyed him: 5 years ago, during a small civil war, the druids had killed all of his family. He was in a great panic. A fairy gave him a magic sword that he could use: but he needed to train hard, very hard. He used that pain to train himself every single day until the opportunity to a revenge his family would come up. And guess what: his dream came true, he could finally try to stop the druids. In order to find Brona, he had a big challenge to face: the druid dungeon.

 He walked for almost 4 days straight so he could finally stand in front of the twenty meters long doors of this dungeon. He arrived to the Troll’s tour and decided to enter. He opened the door discreetly and hid behind a wooden box. Two trolls were posted in front of the stairs then Thorus cut the rope next to him which hold bags of provisions. They fell down and the two trolls ran in order to see what has just happened. Thorus took the advantage of it and climbed the stairs. He was walking up when another troll came down. He drew his sword and began a fight against him. This troll was armed with a magic dagger which could break a sword in two. Thorus used magic of his weapon to desactivated its. Then he succeed in killing him and continued to climb. He reached a door which was locked. He broke the lock with his sword and entered inside. A troll was sleeping and holdind the keys of the jail. He slowly caught them to get the Druids.

After a long and grave fight, Thorus finally found the force to continue his battle. He came into the dungeon , climbed the stairs and discovered the Druids. He was touching his goal: the end of this war would be finished. It was a terrible journey, with big challenges and dangerous adventures, however, it was going to the end. In front of this from of Druids, he hopped to find Bruna, the rebel druid, the first ennemi of the Thorus King. As a proud and loyal dwarf, Thorus said : « Where is your miserable Brona? Tell me or I will kill all of you with my magic sword ! ». All the druids were surprised and not so terrified. Nevertheless, Thorus was fearless ans relentless. He was achieving the goal of his life, being the loyal dwarf of the Kingdom. A shadow moved and answered with a strange voice « I think I can help you… ». This is Bruna, thought Thorus. Like a fairy, Thorus took his sword and made Bruna disappear.

Ema, Kilian and Eloïse

T h e M a g i c C o n t e s t

Obviously, King Raybur needed somebody to help him fight against the rebel Druid, Brona. Indeed, Brona was really dangerous and powerful. A long time ago, during another battle, he destroyed almost all of his army and injured citizens of his country. That episode still remained sorrowfully in people’s memory. That time, King Raybur couldn’t accept to defeat. That’s why he chose his best soldier, Barandal, to meet wizards from their neighboring kingdom. Actually, they had been friends for centuries and Raybur was sure they would accept to help him.

 Immediately, Barandal started his journey and ran across the forest nervously during hours. He was afraid and wanted to complete his task fast. After a day walking, he arrived at the Wizards’ Kingdom. Wizards introduced him in the castle to talk with their leader, the enchanter Merlin. When Barandal arrived in front of him, he started telling him all his thrilling story from the beginning. Merlin was deeply interested by what had happened to his friends, the Dwarves. They were desperately in needed and he couldn’t let them die, because of the terrible Druid. The wizards’ Leader decided to choose his best wizard by doing a magic contest. In the favorites one, there were Georgibur, Mirandibura and Arthuribur.

The next day, the magic contest began. Among the contestants, Goergibur, the youngest wizard, was the first to start; he had to fight against a huge green dragon. When the animal spitted fire, the little wizard lost unfortunately his magic wand. had to give up the fight. Against his will, he had to give up if he didn’t want to die roasted. The two others, Mirandibura and Arthuribur, achieved that confrontation not without difficulty. Then, it was Mirandibura’s turn to start the next task. She was the most famous witch of the Charnal Mountains. Her 1 task consisted in trying to transform her “Magic spells” teacher into animal. Clumsily, with a big pressure, she said a wrong spell and transformed herself into a little pink frog. However, Arthuribur fought hard and finished by changing his old teacher into an adorable unicorn. This brave and young wizard received all the congratulations from the enchanter Merlin and was elected ceremoniously as the one who would fight against the Druid Brona and his army of Trolls.

One day later, Barandal and Arthuribur came back as fast as they could to the Dwarves’ Kingdom. Afterwards, they went immediately to meet the King Raybur. That one was really grateful and happy to see them. Raybur explained what Arthuribur would have to do against the Trolls and Druid Brona. Rapidly, they started to fight against their enemies in a hard combat. Finally, at the end of it, only Arthuribur and Brona remained. An incredibly huge battle started them. Nevertheless,, Arthuribur began battling with magic spells. Suddenly, for a while, Arthuribur closed his eyes and, then, looked at Brona. Powerfully, he said : “Brona you’re done. All his in the mustache !”. (You may know that Arthuribur had a huge magic mustache with incredible powers). He cast a last spell which ended up with the terrible Druid Brona. With a burst of happiness, the Dwarves acclaimed their magical hero : they’ve won. At last, it was victory of an old battle for King Raybur and his Dwarves. Certainly, a long period of peace would follow the Kingdom with an eternal gratitude for their friends, the Wizards.

Alice V. Alice W. and Yvan

Monday, 18 March 2019

The Potion

In a far far realm, the dark wizard Hagar had thrown the land into desolation and chaos for 2 years… Indeed, he threw a spell on the realm named “Stonissy”, a horrible sickness which was slowly transforming people into stone, and no one could save the realm of this terrible spell. No one expect the best druid of the realm : Malakyss.

However, Malakyss had disappeared since the malediction started to spread onto the realm and nobody knew where he had gone. Even his daughter Kalyss, who cried day and night because of his disappearance, hidden in her hutt, thinking of a plan to save her father, to save the realm, reading all her father’s books so as to try to find a solution. 

It could be a spell or a potion which would heal all the Kingdom from this horrid malediction, it could be anything.

During one year, she searched again and again, in the old books, in the new, even in the books that were supposed to be legend but she never found the solution.

So she decided to go in search of her father. She inquired informations in the land above the village and she finally learned that Hagar had kidnapped his father…

Kalyss had raised an army for the past 8 months. 80 000 of the bravest men of the realm were following her in order to defeat Hagar but also magic creatures that everyone thought disappeared such as giants, centaurs, elves and of course Vakary, Kalyss’s white dragon.

The army followed the courageous woman because they had faith into her, they had faith to deliver the land form the darkness, to save their fearing and starving families and put an end to this situation.

They had been attacked several times by dark creatures sent by Hagar however, they always managed to defeat the creatures. It was tough, perilous also tiring but the army would never give up.

They finally arrived at Sarandorn, Hagar’s grim fortress where Kalyss’s father had been held captive for the past two years. It was cold and dark, the troops could barely see, the wind was howling. The smell of death and fear was oppressive but both men and the creatures were brave and determined.

The two armies started fighting outside, brave knights and orcs were crossing their swords.

Kalyss who had infiltrated Hagar’s castle approached slowly from his position, but he was a strong wizard so he felt her presence, she couldn’t surprise him anymore. She took out her enchanted sword, threw a spell and the iron started to shine, a giant flame appeared. Hagar responded and created a dragon, instantly it spat fire. Kalyss knew that Vakary couldn’t help her because he was fighting with her army.

However, she was very athletic and fast, she avoided the flames and jumped on the dragon’s head, she slew it with one shot only. Kalyss walked in Hagar’s direction, he couldn’t throw magic spells anymore because he had used everything for his summoning. Kalyss raised her sword and Hagar’s head landed on the ground. All the dark creaturesthat were fighting Kalyss army instantly died. Her father was jailed in a cell under the fortress, she freed him and flew from Sarandorn to join their homeland, they won the war but no one had been saved yet.

After all these obstacles, they came back to the druids’s citadel so as to prepare the mixture and cure everybody. They crossed the bridge and saw guards, there were very impressed to see the Mage coming back in the village after two years of absence.

First, Kalyss and his father went to the citadel and searched the missing ingredients for the potion that were preciously kept. Since their departure, a lot of people had been transformed in stone because of « Stonissy » however, few druids of the citadel were still alive and were able to help Malakyss. Then, Kalyss and her father ran to the castle of the King and saw him completely petrified. The druid took a flask in his bag and he poured a drop on the statue of the King. During a short moment nothing happen but finally the stone cracked, revealing the King’s face, he was back to life ! After a few minutes, he could talk again and thank the druid.

 It would take time, but every single person or creature of the realm would be cured. To thank the Kalyss and her father, the King commanded to build a statue of them in gold and placed in the center of the city
Ethan, Myrtille, Titouan, Paul Terminale S