Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Our group in London (2nde EFG)

It was a great group!!!


During our school trip to London, on our second day more specifically, we went to the Shakespeare Globe Theater, rebuilt after several destructions (fire, demolition) in 1996. It looks like a wooden white circle with an alike straw roof.
We went to see the piece A Midsummer night's dream written by Shakespeare between 1594 and 1595. It was an adaptation from the original piece, which was a comedy, and changed in many ways. Indeed, the actors were part of a Bollywood crew and they added several singing parts that were both funny and well-sung. They also changed the original characters' sex : for example, the main character in the piece was a girl named Helena and in the theater she was played by a boy whose name had been changed in Helenus. All these details gathered made the whole piece really funny and interesting even though it was a bit long standing for three hours in the crowd.

The Globe Laborde Matthieu 2EPalacios Maritxu 2G

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a very big building where Queen Elisabeth II lives. It's a very protected palace with a lot of guards. At 11:30am, there is the Changing of the Guards, a lot of guards are on the road, there is a sort of choregraphy and some of them are on horses. We have waited a lot but it was cool and good to see it.
Romain Bastien

Our hostel in London

Hello ! We went on a school trip to London five days ago.
We slept in a hostel four nights. The hostel name is "Acacia hostel". It is not a dream hostel because there are just two showers for everybody and there are no mirrors in the bedroom and on the bathroom.
Breakfast in the hostel is not very good because there are just two French toasts, a little jam and a little butter. There is wifi but we can connect only from the reception. We have a bedroom for six persons.
Bye !

2nd E

5 days in London

At London we slept in a  hostel. Every day we saw yet disregarded some specimens. The first night in  the kitchen pupils were shocked by a man who danced under the effect of the second evening beuh. During the summit meeting the class panicked when a drunk man interrupted them. The last night Iban INCHAUSPE was petrified at the sight of the transvestite.
Reviews:  This was the story of the mervellous stay at Acacia Hostel

Two pictures of London:

Wesminster Abbey

Victoria and Albert Hall
Théo et Théo 2nE,F

Traffic in London

During our London trip, we walked a lot in the city. We saw the traffic which is very dangerous. There were so many double-deckers, taxis, cyclists and rich cars. Traffic was very important. The Londoners are very much in a hurry, they drive quickly. The most famous monument we saw was Big Ben. We can see it from afar. In this picture we were on Westminster Bridge over the Thames.

                                                                  Aurore Saint-Martin, Lola Lartigau, Camille Sens 2nde F

Big Ben

                            Big Ben

Big Ben is a famous monument of London, it is located between Westminster Bridge and Westminster Abbey.
It weighs 13.5 tonnes , only people who live in GB can visit it.
There is a big clock higher than the tower


Tuesday was the last day in London. We woke up at 8:30am and we left the hostel at 9:30am. We took the bus during 25minutes to go the "London Museum". We ate our lunch there. This museum told us the history of London from prehistory to the 21century. It's a modern and beautiful museum with a lot of things. We have seen as many paintings as sculptures as short films. There are many representation (model) like old london city or London nowdays. We spent 2hours there and we didn't see time past because it was very impressive, very interisting.
Next, we took the bus to go to the famous Oxford Street. Our teachers let us 2 free hours for shopping. We have seen all the shops possible and imaginables like the biggest topshop of the world and the biggest nike shop of Europe. We have also seen luxury shops. We have bought lots of memories.
To finish, we crossed a very big park, the biggest of London, Hyde Park  to come back to the hostel.

SAUBIETTE Marie, PIC Gianna, RODRIGUEZ Elisa 2E et 2G.