Thursday 14 March 2024

Movie review

 The movie Barbie directed by Greta agreeing does the work of putting their theory into practice. This absorbing and ultimately shattering portrayal of a beautiful young woman who sees her perfect world becoming a realistic one couldn’t be more timely. Barbie is a socially committed filmmaking at its finest. The genius of Greta Gerwing is rippling out every elements to help women realise through Ken’s behaviour, that we are still living in a patriarchal society and that if we don’t take a stand for our independence, our own world, our human rights then we will never reach an equal society. The brilliant film depicts the sad reality of what a woman needs to embody to fit in the society, which is perfection. If I had to sum up the film I would say: galvanizing. If Barbie thought me something it’s to be myself, fight for my dreams and never give up for no men because the patriarchal society needs to come to an end. 

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