Monday 22 September 2014

Questions for champions only!

Are you a champion?

Would you like to meet Julien L? 

Did you answer the questions correctly?

Will you be among the 5 contestants traveling to Paris in November?
Never before was there so much
concentration at the cafeteria...

A potential winner from 1ESA!
(or a rising star!!!)

Our hosts (Isn't it Nikos's cousin???)

We owe the photos to  
Arnaud from BTS photo.

Here are 5 questions which were asked to our champs.
Can you answer them?

1- Which president of the United States of America was elected four times consecutively?
2- What novel by Ernest Hemingway tells the struggle of a fisherman against a swordfish?
3- Which singer whose real name is Kevin Bonnet has sung "I'd like too" "my life in the Sun" and many others?
4- What dish of Savoyard origin is made from bacon potatoes and Reblochon?
5- Paul is 4 years old, Emma has twice the age of Paul, How old will Paul be when Emma is 6 times older ?
Many thanks to Damien and Victor from TSTL

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