Saturday 5 March 2016

Ant Man

Ant-Man is a movie released in 2015. It's an American superhero film. The main character is a human called Scott Lang. He can become an ant, very small but stronger than when he is a human thanks to a special suit. Doctor Pym will help Scott to control himself when he is an ant.

 Together they will have to steal something in order to save the world because it is in danger because of Darren Cross. Darren Cross is a human but he has the possibility to change himself into an ant too. But, when he turns into an ant, he is faster and stronger than Scott Lang even if he is an insect too. Darren Cross wants to create an army of humans who can transform themselves into ants to conquer the world and become the man the most powerful of the planet. Lang and Pym intend to kill him during the burglary but they don't want humanity to know the existence of a suit which can turn the person who wears it into a little and very strong ant. 

SASTOURNÉ Romain / NAZABAL Sébastien 2nde EFG

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