Saturday 16 December 2017

Friends from Utah

At the begining oh the school year, we exchanged letters with penpals from Utah. We talked about us, about global warming, about our school, our city and about Christmas. We sent a christmas card to penfriends, and we gave them a collective gift. Which is a French song, entitled "On était beau" bu Louane. We wisched them a Merry Christmas! We are waiting for an answer. I wish they would sing this song.


We got American Friends who are learning French. They are from Snow canyon highschool, st.Georges from Utah in the United states of America. They are 15 years old. We sent letters to present us, our school and our projects. For christmas we sent letters and we showed them a French song called  « Dommage » from Bigflo and Oli.


We are in Malraux, in second G/H. We received letters from America.
First, we read our letters and we answered them. In our letters we spoke about Biarritz we also presented ourselves, then we presented our school and we wrote a letter about the environment. It was marked.
To finish, we bought or made a christmas card in order to wish them a Merry Christmas !!!

Eliott Coste 2nd

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