Friday 17 September 2021

Why you sould read this issue of Time magazine.


 June 21/June 28 TIME

Putin and Biden's first meeting, a tense debate expected

            This june's 28 TIME editions foreshadows an intense debate between the US president Joe Biden and the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Indeed, this summer, they both were about to meet in Geneva. Even if the main goal of Biden was to talk about China's growth with some European leaders, it sounds as if he changed his mind, as  a senior of the official administration of  the US president commented: "These guys are running wild, and they think Biden can be taken advantage of". As a matter of fact, Russia have been implicated in many cyber attacks of American society since the beginning of Biden's presidence. After them being accused of trying to influence the elections in former president Donald Trump, poisoning some political concurents and annexing the region of Crimea, it makes sense that Joe Biden had to change his strategy. So, with the support of European countries and NATO, he's first wish now is to create a front to Russia's wilderness about political and economic matters. Anyway, the incoming debate should be answering the many questions bouncing in every political students and journalists. 

So, for now on, we are just waiting for the next events.

Written on september the 16, 2021.

Noah B.

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