Tuesday 6 June 2023

And the winners are...

 Following our suspense story contest, here are the winners for 2023!


     When I opened my tired eyes, I was in a dark and mysterious room that I did not recognize. I was dressed up as usual but I felt weird, my body seemed different. I walked out of the special room and again everything was different, that was not my childhood house. I was all alone and I had no memories that my parents had told me they had to leave the house. 

    I was walking in the huge corridor when I suddenly heard someone who seemed to be climbing the stairs. I pondered for a few minutes and then decided to hide. I entered in the nearest room, still nobody. The intriguing footsteps were coming towards the door. I felt afraid as well as panicstricken. I locked the heavy black door and hid under a wooden bed. While I was waiting the lights in the corridor were turned on. I watched under the door and I saw two black shoes. The man started to call me “Honey” nonetheless I did not understand why. I had never heard that imposing voice before. I went out of my little hide and turned the lights on.

     Suddenly I saw my face in the navy-blue mirror, I was older because my face was really different and I was taller. While I was looking at me in the huge mirror, the door opened, the man appeared with a bloody knife and said : “Darling, did you have a good sleep ?”...

Ellura, Léa, Louis and Paul - 2AB

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