Tuesday 31 May 2016


Tuesday was the last day in London. We woke up at 8:30am and we left the hostel at 9:30am. We took the bus during 25minutes to go the "London Museum". We ate our lunch there. This museum told us the history of London from prehistory to the 21century. It's a modern and beautiful museum with a lot of things. We have seen as many paintings as sculptures as short films. There are many representation (model) like old london city or London nowdays. We spent 2hours there and we didn't see time past because it was very impressive, very interisting.
Next, we took the bus to go to the famous Oxford Street. Our teachers let us 2 free hours for shopping. We have seen all the shops possible and imaginables like the biggest topshop of the world and the biggest nike shop of Europe. We have also seen luxury shops. We have bought lots of memories.
To finish, we crossed a very big park, the biggest of London, Hyde Park  to come back to the hostel.

SAUBIETTE Marie, PIC Gianna, RODRIGUEZ Elisa 2E et 2G.

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