Tuesday 31 May 2016


During our school trip to London, on our second day more specifically, we went to the Shakespeare Globe Theater, rebuilt after several destructions (fire, demolition) in 1996. It looks like a wooden white circle with an alike straw roof.
We went to see the piece A Midsummer night's dream written by Shakespeare between 1594 and 1595. It was an adaptation from the original piece, which was a comedy, and changed in many ways. Indeed, the actors were part of a Bollywood crew and they added several singing parts that were both funny and well-sung. They also changed the original characters' sex : for example, the main character in the piece was a girl named Helena and in the theater she was played by a boy whose name had been changed in Helenus. All these details gathered made the whole piece really funny and interesting even though it was a bit long standing for three hours in the crowd.

The Globe Laborde Matthieu 2EPalacios Maritxu 2G

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