Wednesday 21 September 2016

A fabulous woman, Emily Davidson

Emily Davison was born in 1872 in London, she was one of the most famous suffragettes for her investment to bridge the gap between women's rights and men's rights. For her, women were not second class citizens and they had to have the same job opportunity, the same wages and the same rank in the society as men.
To reach her goal, she integrated a women's association named Women's Social and Political Union, created by Emmeline Pankhurst. This association stood up for women's right, by orginizing demonstrations. She was imprisoned several times for public disturbances. In jail, she went on hunger strike to draw the attention of the politicians on their cause.

But her most radical action, was in 1913, during a derby. She went to the horse race, and tried to stop the king's horse. Unfortunately, the horse knocked her down. She died in martyr. After that, nobody can deny or refuse to consider their struggle. 

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