Sunday 5 November 2017

A speech for our planet

Hello everyone!
I'm here to talk you about a serious topic that concerns all of us. It's about our planet, right now it is agonizing, humanity is killing it. We are polluting the earth , I don't want my soon to be born in a world with trash air , that is unbreathable, do you ?
Because i don't want to ! And i'm hoping you don't want either. Oceans are dying, the atmosphere is dying , but one day, it will be us if we let it dye. Please, I'm asking all off you, don't let our planet down. We have to stop the use of nuclear energy, stop carbon emissions, stop releasing trash in nature , oceans , we have to make a change right now. We have to unite all of our force make them react , by them , I'm talking about Governements , industries etc...
We have only one planet , don't waste it , I'm inviting you , with your friends , your family, to join
our movement , because I know you have a heart. I think you should understand , if we don't act
right now , it's go gonna be to late , we have to stay united , and rise against everyone who doesn't agree with us , because, that man if he exist , is an assasin of humanity and hope for our future ,

and our children... Please , trust the process . Thank you very much for all your attention and your time.

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