Monday 13 November 2017

The pearl


Main character :

Kino is the main character, he is the father of a young boy named coyotito and his wife is juana.
He is a pearl fisherman working in mexico and he sing often, when his son got sick, Kino singed and prayed to find a pearl to save his children, Kino love his children and his wife.
Kino's comportement change very quickly when he find the pearl, he became in love of money and obsessed by what he will be able to do with this pearl.

My opinion :

I think this book is great but realy easy to read, it's a good book for beginners in English or for English childrens ( or americans etc... ).
The history is interesting and characters are appealings, this book is made for beginners because of his vocabulary and the number of his pages, its not annoying its even captivating.
Conclusion, I recommend this book.

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