Sunday 25 February 2018


This film illustrating the psychological war in parallel with the physical war,from the russian point of view in particular,with an impressive reconstruction of a ruined Stalingrad.
Stalingrad is the work of a filmmaker applied:Annaud heals the pageant,like the big scenes;we will not forget the beginning,a tribute to soldier Ryan's Spielberg,nor the air attack,the chaos and the fear distilled by an effective assembly.
But the application also pushes him to systematically alternate strong moment and hollow moment and weaknesses dominate:direction of random actors,dialogues heavily explanatory,clichés attached to caricature characters,redundant music.
Essentially,the film describes a fight between two snipers both sides.
The scenes are very striking with a well chosen music during different moments like the sad scene
with the hanging of sacha or the moment or Nikita Krushchev orders the execution of deserters.
There is also a love story between Tania and Vassili which is very interesting.
This shows a story with difficulties during a very hard period during the famous battle of Stalingrad.
We see clearly a distinction with the Nazi sniper who embodies evil and the soviet sniper who is a good persons.
To finish we can say that this film and in particular Vassili represents the heroism of the war and the combatant.
It's clearly an epic work.

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