Sunday 25 November 2018

Letter 2 (2018-2019) - St George, Utah

Each student of our class received a second letter from the American penfriends. On the one hand, the American students had to describe themself physically and morally, in French. For example, my penfriend Ethan said that he is tall, he has black curly hair and brown eyes; he has freckles too. He also said that he is funny. On the other hand, our penfriends described their city: St George. We learnt that St George is a small town, located in the desert, in the state of Utah. It’s a hot and sunny place with red mountains. Moreover, this is a peaceful, calm and quiet place and there are many old and nice people. For instance, Ethan wrote in his letter that St George is a place for someone to retire. He added that there aren’t many things to do for kids. However, there are still activities like skateparks and trampoline parks.

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