Monday 18 March 2019

The Potion

In a far far realm, the dark wizard Hagar had thrown the land into desolation and chaos for 2 years… Indeed, he threw a spell on the realm named “Stonissy”, a horrible sickness which was slowly transforming people into stone, and no one could save the realm of this terrible spell. No one expect the best druid of the realm : Malakyss.

However, Malakyss had disappeared since the malediction started to spread onto the realm and nobody knew where he had gone. Even his daughter Kalyss, who cried day and night because of his disappearance, hidden in her hutt, thinking of a plan to save her father, to save the realm, reading all her father’s books so as to try to find a solution. 

It could be a spell or a potion which would heal all the Kingdom from this horrid malediction, it could be anything.

During one year, she searched again and again, in the old books, in the new, even in the books that were supposed to be legend but she never found the solution.

So she decided to go in search of her father. She inquired informations in the land above the village and she finally learned that Hagar had kidnapped his father…

Kalyss had raised an army for the past 8 months. 80 000 of the bravest men of the realm were following her in order to defeat Hagar but also magic creatures that everyone thought disappeared such as giants, centaurs, elves and of course Vakary, Kalyss’s white dragon.

The army followed the courageous woman because they had faith into her, they had faith to deliver the land form the darkness, to save their fearing and starving families and put an end to this situation.

They had been attacked several times by dark creatures sent by Hagar however, they always managed to defeat the creatures. It was tough, perilous also tiring but the army would never give up.

They finally arrived at Sarandorn, Hagar’s grim fortress where Kalyss’s father had been held captive for the past two years. It was cold and dark, the troops could barely see, the wind was howling. The smell of death and fear was oppressive but both men and the creatures were brave and determined.

The two armies started fighting outside, brave knights and orcs were crossing their swords.

Kalyss who had infiltrated Hagar’s castle approached slowly from his position, but he was a strong wizard so he felt her presence, she couldn’t surprise him anymore. She took out her enchanted sword, threw a spell and the iron started to shine, a giant flame appeared. Hagar responded and created a dragon, instantly it spat fire. Kalyss knew that Vakary couldn’t help her because he was fighting with her army.

However, she was very athletic and fast, she avoided the flames and jumped on the dragon’s head, she slew it with one shot only. Kalyss walked in Hagar’s direction, he couldn’t throw magic spells anymore because he had used everything for his summoning. Kalyss raised her sword and Hagar’s head landed on the ground. All the dark creaturesthat were fighting Kalyss army instantly died. Her father was jailed in a cell under the fortress, she freed him and flew from Sarandorn to join their homeland, they won the war but no one had been saved yet.

After all these obstacles, they came back to the druids’s citadel so as to prepare the mixture and cure everybody. They crossed the bridge and saw guards, there were very impressed to see the Mage coming back in the village after two years of absence.

First, Kalyss and his father went to the citadel and searched the missing ingredients for the potion that were preciously kept. Since their departure, a lot of people had been transformed in stone because of « Stonissy » however, few druids of the citadel were still alive and were able to help Malakyss. Then, Kalyss and her father ran to the castle of the King and saw him completely petrified. The druid took a flask in his bag and he poured a drop on the statue of the King. During a short moment nothing happen but finally the stone cracked, revealing the King’s face, he was back to life ! After a few minutes, he could talk again and thank the druid.

 It would take time, but every single person or creature of the realm would be cured. To thank the Kalyss and her father, the King commanded to build a statue of them in gold and placed in the center of the city
Ethan, Myrtille, Titouan, Paul Terminale S

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