Saturday 9 October 2021

Why you should read this issue of Time Magazine

          I was skiming through Time magazine when I fell upon an article talking about books, this is actually such a great coincidence because we were working on it ! The theme is "the 100 best young- adult books of all time" and this article is written by Jason Reynolds called "Building bricks". He said that a book is a way to make us feel safe ans it can be something we can identify ourselves and lean on it. He gave an exemple, " what must it feel like to be an inner- city Dominican American girl struggling to be heard and then to find refuge in the story of Xiomara in the Port X". Book i a way to find ourselves and build the house we were searching for, it is really helpful for young people to find their way that is why reading book is important.

      There are also many summaries of stories of books with their title, authors and dates This is a great idea to give us the choice to read all of the sum up in order to choose our favorites and have the opportunity to read them if we want. We can find many books of differents genre like "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins or "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas or also a classic one " Anne Franck : Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Franck .

       You have to read this article because it perfectlly illustrates the way we have already deal with books and you can use it in your portfolio.

Marthe, LLCE, 2021

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