Thursday 14 October 2021

Why should you guys read this magazine?

Why should you guys read this magazine ? 

To start with, this magazine contains a variety of articles ranging from topics such as sport or racism all the way to an article explaining how powerful hugs can be on human beings. Basically what I’m trying to say is that there is bound to be something that will meet your interests.

Firstly, the article that particularly took my fancy and that I find quite interesting for you guys to read is a risk report by Ian Bremer about Macron on page 15. It’s title is « France faces an uncertain future as the Macron dream falters » and it talks about the local elections that had some interesting results. On June 20th, Macron’s LR won just 11% of the vote, on par with the Green Party and the Socialists and Le Pen scored only 19% however the center rights, Les Républicains, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy won about 29%. This shows that voters have their doubts that any party can bring a real change to France. Xavier Bertrand was the winner from this muddle and he is shown as the biggest challenger for President next year so can he sweep past Le Pen and Macron? 

Furthermore another article I enjoyed was « Building A Better Simone Biles » page 76 by Alice Park. This article is about Simone Biles and how she got even greater. The 24 year old from Spring, Texas is the greatest gymnast of all time and she just keeps on going. She doesn’t settle for 25 World Championship medals or four gold Olympic medals and that’s why she is so aspiring, she continues to challenge herself, continuing to compete against herself. Even after an incident in 2018 where she was abused by the convicted sexual predator Larry Nassar she is still competing as a member of the national team and doesn’t let that get to her showing how strong she is. It shows us that no matter what happens don’t just give up as soon as you succeed your first goal, carry on fighting and you will only become more successful in life. 

And lastly, on page 56 there are multiple photographs regarding corona virus vaccinations. Seen as this is a very talked about subject at the moment I thought you guys would find it interesting reading and seeing everyone’s different stories because the vaccine isn’t that simple for everyone. For instance, Allison Bungard helps her son Andrew who is only 13 and has cerebral palsy and Factor V Leiden thrombophilia to receive his shot at a vaccine clinic in Charleston. Or Dana Campbell plays the hormonica before being vaccinated in his home in Elkview. It really gets you thinking as to how much covid 19 has impacted and continues to impact each and everyone’s lives and not everyone is as fortunate to be able to get vaccinated easily. 

Béatrice Roberts, 14/10/21

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