Thursday 5 May 2022

Café Iruña

Café Iruña

 The Café Iruña in the Plaza del Castillo was established in 2 July 1888. The Café Iruña has gone down in the history of universal literature as the meeting point for the main characters of ‘The Sun Also Rises/ Fiesta’ the novel that made Hemingway stand out as one of the great writers of all time and that put Pamplona in the map of world literature. 

« During the morning I usually sat in the cafe and read the Madrid papers and then walked in the town or out into the country. »

« Workmen put up the gate- posts that were to shut off the side streets when the bulls were released from the corrals and came running through the streets in the morning on their way to the ring. »

« I went to church a couple of times, once with Brett. She said she wanted to hear me go to confession, but I told her that not only was it impossible but it was not as interesting as it sounded »

                                     By Beatrice, Eviane, Léa, Joa

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