Friday 13 May 2022


   Hemingway is an author that frequently uses travel in his books. Here, in "The Sun Also Rises", he describes his journey in the spanish city of Pamplona. We can see his influence in many places :

His statue is in front of the world famous Pamplona's bullfight area. Everyone can admire the great author before entering in the scene to watch bullfights or the end of the "encierro", a local fiesta that usually happens during summer.

The café Iruna, on the "Plaza del Castillo" is full of Hemingway's aura : an entiere room is dedicated to his memory with photographies and a big statue of the author. Even when you are inside the café, you are able to feel what Hemingway was feeling during is journey in Pamplona. 

The corrida is a topic that Hemingway loves to use to illustrate the culture of Pamplona. He describes the torreros, those mens who goes in the scene to fight with the bulls. He also depict the release of the bulls, the first day of the encierro. All the ambient of the fiesta is relevant in Hemingway's work.

To conclude, Hemingway is everywere in Pamplona, in the streets, in the cafés, in the bullfight scene, and even in the Pamplonese's minds (inhabitants of Pamplona) 

By Léa A, Beatrice, Eviane and Joa

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