Monday 16 January 2023

Snow Canyon highschool, Utah

     Today, our pen pals sent us videos in order to present us their highschool. 

     In this video they told us about their subjects on their timeline and their teacher's name on each subjects, about their habits in the school and they showed us parts of their school. Their classroom seemed to be way bigger than ours and there are way more decorations : drawings, flags of america, posters and more. In the room where they eat there were a lot of christmas trees, there was also a room with all the trophies won by sport teams, a place with vending machines, a huge library, a classroom reserved to music with pianos and another room for guitares and drums and a place where the walkers are put, also the corridors are huge. They have assemblies, clubs, sports connected to the school, they are very orientated, for the sport class they have a uniform and some of them have a seminary class which is outside because they aren't allowed to teach religion in the school.

        About sport teams there are teams for American football, soccer, golf, fishing and also drill and cheer teams who dance, compete against each other and cheer their team when there's a game. 

        American school are so different from ours, they have more freedom and a lot more activities and entertainment, most of the students seem to be in a good mood and to like their school, they also seem to be really close to their teachers. 

        There are a lot of things that I didn't know about American schools, it's always great to learn more about them. ❤

Elurra 2AB

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