Friday 27 January 2023

Translation workshop

For more than a month, Mrs Bru has come every Friday in our class during two hours to teach us how to make a good translation.

Who is Mrs Bru? She is an official translator . She is recognized by many publishing houses .
Her job is to translate novels and literary texts form English to French .She translated a lot of books as for exemple : "The hate you give" or "Tuff".

She is also one of the 2 official translators of "Spare" the recent book from Prince Harry.

Our lessons with Mrs Bru: When we study with Mrs Bru, we are in groups of 4. We try to translate an excerpt of 5 to 10 lines. Sometimes, it can be a passage from a novel she translated and this is interesting because we can understand her point of view when she translates a novel.
During our translations,  Mrs Bru often comes in our groups to see if we are productives .
At this moment, she can give us a lot of advice to improve our translations.

I think that these lessons are very important for the final exam !!!!

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