Tuesday 26 January 2016

How I survived (or not) without using any e-veices for 24/48h...

This weekend we had to stay off any e-devices to see how we live as normal individuals without any cellphones or ohther devices.

I didn't even start this challenge because i know that i need to have my phone constantly. I depend on it totally, especially this weekend because i had to study for exams.
But the fact that i didn't even consider doing the challenge shows that technology has affected me to the point that i can't picture myself without my cellphone for more than two hours.
And not only because i had to work with the internet but because i follow daily several artists and newspaper so i always have notifications on my phone that i need to check from time to time that way i am aware of what's happening in the world while i'm at home working for my exams.

So to put in a nutshell i may say that i didn't take this challenge seriously because i knew that i can't stay off my phone more that two hours so imagine me a whole day without it, i'd go crazy.

But if you believe you have a good self-control go ahead and try it, 24/48 hours without any e-devices. Good luck!

Pandora Feltrin TLVA

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