Tuesday 26 January 2016

How I survived (or not) without e-devices for 24/48h...

Last Saturday I tried not to use any e-devices for the whole day. In the morning, unlike every morning, I didn't check my phone. Thankfully I was kind of busy all day and managed to entertain myself without going on the internet, watching TV or checking my messages on my cellphone. It still felt weird as I had to get rid of most of my habits even for a short amount of time.

Otherwise, the experience didn't really affect me because even without new technology I can always read books, exercise or do a bunch of other things. That said, it isn't worth listening to music in my opinion and I was eagerly waiting for my day to end so I could turn my cellphone on and do what I usually do on my free time: mainly listening to music, watching movies and chatting with friends.

If I look back to it I guess it didn't change anything for me, in some way it was kinda disturbing in a good way but I wouldn't spend weeks without e-devices just for the sake of it even if it wasn't a “difficult” challenge per se.

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