Tuesday 2 April 2019

T h e M a g i c C o n t e s t

Obviously, King Raybur needed somebody to help him fight against the rebel Druid, Brona. Indeed, Brona was really dangerous and powerful. A long time ago, during another battle, he destroyed almost all of his army and injured citizens of his country. That episode still remained sorrowfully in people’s memory. That time, King Raybur couldn’t accept to defeat. That’s why he chose his best soldier, Barandal, to meet wizards from their neighboring kingdom. Actually, they had been friends for centuries and Raybur was sure they would accept to help him.

 Immediately, Barandal started his journey and ran across the forest nervously during hours. He was afraid and wanted to complete his task fast. After a day walking, he arrived at the Wizards’ Kingdom. Wizards introduced him in the castle to talk with their leader, the enchanter Merlin. When Barandal arrived in front of him, he started telling him all his thrilling story from the beginning. Merlin was deeply interested by what had happened to his friends, the Dwarves. They were desperately in needed and he couldn’t let them die, because of the terrible Druid. The wizards’ Leader decided to choose his best wizard by doing a magic contest. In the favorites one, there were Georgibur, Mirandibura and Arthuribur.

The next day, the magic contest began. Among the contestants, Goergibur, the youngest wizard, was the first to start; he had to fight against a huge green dragon. When the animal spitted fire, the little wizard lost unfortunately his magic wand. had to give up the fight. Against his will, he had to give up if he didn’t want to die roasted. The two others, Mirandibura and Arthuribur, achieved that confrontation not without difficulty. Then, it was Mirandibura’s turn to start the next task. She was the most famous witch of the Charnal Mountains. Her 1 task consisted in trying to transform her “Magic spells” teacher into animal. Clumsily, with a big pressure, she said a wrong spell and transformed herself into a little pink frog. However, Arthuribur fought hard and finished by changing his old teacher into an adorable unicorn. This brave and young wizard received all the congratulations from the enchanter Merlin and was elected ceremoniously as the one who would fight against the Druid Brona and his army of Trolls.

One day later, Barandal and Arthuribur came back as fast as they could to the Dwarves’ Kingdom. Afterwards, they went immediately to meet the King Raybur. That one was really grateful and happy to see them. Raybur explained what Arthuribur would have to do against the Trolls and Druid Brona. Rapidly, they started to fight against their enemies in a hard combat. Finally, at the end of it, only Arthuribur and Brona remained. An incredibly huge battle started them. Nevertheless,, Arthuribur began battling with magic spells. Suddenly, for a while, Arthuribur closed his eyes and, then, looked at Brona. Powerfully, he said : “Brona you’re done. All his in the mustache !”. (You may know that Arthuribur had a huge magic mustache with incredible powers). He cast a last spell which ended up with the terrible Druid Brona. With a burst of happiness, the Dwarves acclaimed their magical hero : they’ve won. At last, it was victory of an old battle for King Raybur and his Dwarves. Certainly, a long period of peace would follow the Kingdom with an eternal gratitude for their friends, the Wizards.

Alice V. Alice W. and Yvan

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