Tuesday 2 April 2019


From that moment, The Dwarf King understood that Brona was the principal
source of all this drama and due to her, all the Druids polulation was captured
ans now thrown in the dungeons. However Brona was also a Druid and her
action was an important betrayal for all her population.
In order to find Brona again, The Dwarf King decided to denounce her to all the
Druids community including those who were prisoners but also those who were
hidden in the forest to flee from the Trolls, as well as the Gnomes.
Many days later, all the Druids knew the news about Brona and her huge
betrayal. After that, all were convinced to find and captured her again in order
to kill her.

The Troll army continue The Second War of the Races, with the rebel Druid
Brona. They killed a lot of Druids and Dwarves... They took all the fortress, in all
the countries. Brona could help the Trolls, with the fortress map, or say where
the weapons were, like swords, axes or daggers, she helped them to make a lot
of assaults. But one day the Trolls wanted to assault Bronas family's fortress.
Brona tried to stop them, she begged the Troll King, she gave a few armors
from her family and weapons... But the Trolls didn't want to come back on their
decision and they attacked Brona's family.
She was very angry and she wanted to kill all the Trolls...

After a few weeks, Brona had finally changed sides and came back to her roots.
The only thing she wanted was to get a revenge on the Trolls, so she went back
to her people but they weren’t that friendly. She was held captive for a few
days while she was trying to explain to them that the Trolls had killed her
In the meanwhile the Dwarves were still hiding in the forest and surviving the
best way they could, but Brona proposed something they couldn’t refuse in any
way : information about every move their enemy was going to make and the
most important part, she knew how to defeat them…
Brona wanted justice for her family and she regretted the things she had done
before, so she told the Dwarves everthing she knew, giving them the
opportunity to attack back once and for all.

After all of this, Brona and the Dwarves started thinking of a plan to eliminate
the Trolls and Gnomes. They first thought about coming as a huge angry army
but it would have been to dangerous for them. Not only were they smaller than
the Trolls and the Gnomes but they8 were outnumbered. The Dwarves were
disapointed, they wanted to get their land back and save the Druids but they
couldnt because they were to weak in front of the enemies.
One day, Brona came to Raybur with a big idea in mind. She told him and all the
Dwarves to continue hiding in the forest but to prepare as many traps as
possible to capture the Troll army.
After a long journey preparing traps, thinking of new plans… Brona finally went
to the Trolls and shouted at them so they would follow her : the first who
would catch her would have the right to kill her! She started running and
running right into the forest so that they could be catched by the hidden traps.
A few minutes later all of the Trolls and Gnomes were captured by the Dwarves
in the forest.
The Dwarves had won ! After that they set free the captured Druids and everyone was

Lola, Jules, Anne-Sophie and Charlotte.

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