Tuesday 2 April 2019

Thorus the brave.

 The Dwarf King needed to stop the true enemy that was the rebel druid, Brona. He called his most powerful dwarf knight, Thorus. This was such a special knight; he was smaller than the other dwarf knights but this wasn’t a problem for him : in fact, he was such much faster than everyone. He had red hair, blue eyes, a small nose but big ears. Those big ears weren’t a problem because he always wears his hat in wich is written « Raybur’s knight ». Moreover, he was determined to end the war and bring Brona to his king Raybur because the druids once destroyed him: 5 years ago, during a small civil war, the druids had killed all of his family. He was in a great panic. A fairy gave him a magic sword that he could use: but he needed to train hard, very hard. He used that pain to train himself every single day until the opportunity to a revenge his family would come up. And guess what: his dream came true, he could finally try to stop the druids. In order to find Brona, he had a big challenge to face: the druid dungeon.

 He walked for almost 4 days straight so he could finally stand in front of the twenty meters long doors of this dungeon. He arrived to the Troll’s tour and decided to enter. He opened the door discreetly and hid behind a wooden box. Two trolls were posted in front of the stairs then Thorus cut the rope next to him which hold bags of provisions. They fell down and the two trolls ran in order to see what has just happened. Thorus took the advantage of it and climbed the stairs. He was walking up when another troll came down. He drew his sword and began a fight against him. This troll was armed with a magic dagger which could break a sword in two. Thorus used magic of his weapon to desactivated its. Then he succeed in killing him and continued to climb. He reached a door which was locked. He broke the lock with his sword and entered inside. A troll was sleeping and holdind the keys of the jail. He slowly caught them to get the Druids.

After a long and grave fight, Thorus finally found the force to continue his battle. He came into the dungeon , climbed the stairs and discovered the Druids. He was touching his goal: the end of this war would be finished. It was a terrible journey, with big challenges and dangerous adventures, however, it was going to the end. In front of this from of Druids, he hopped to find Bruna, the rebel druid, the first ennemi of the Thorus King. As a proud and loyal dwarf, Thorus said : « Where is your miserable Brona? Tell me or I will kill all of you with my magic sword ! ». All the druids were surprised and not so terrified. Nevertheless, Thorus was fearless ans relentless. He was achieving the goal of his life, being the loyal dwarf of the Kingdom. A shadow moved and answered with a strange voice « I think I can help you… ». This is Bruna, thought Thorus. Like a fairy, Thorus took his sword and made Bruna disappear.

Ema, Kilian and Eloïse

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