Monday 8 November 2021

News from Utah (November 2021)

 Our penpals live 2 hours away from Las Vegas in a desert. They are either from St George, Santa Clara or Ivins, Utah. Utah is a very hot state and yet it is very cold in winter that is why their school is called "Snow Canyon high school"! They often go hiking to see all of the mountains and visit all the parks. They often hang out together. 

Their school logo represents an Indian chief!!!!! Noah's penpal is a Native American called Jackson.

 In summer it is very hot in summer (about 115°F) and very cold in winter (30°F). St George is in the middle of a desert. It is not far from Las Vegas. It is located in the bottom left corner of Utah. It is next to many American National parks. The earth is red and the mountains are beautiful. There are plenty of  cactus. Their school is called Snow Canyon High school therefore it sometimes snows in St George.

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