Sunday 21 November 2021


        First of all, Ian Bremmer put the light on the thorny issue of the diplomatic relation between the Iran and the U.S, we saw that the tention between those two power have an impact through all the world. By turning the pages, we can find the portrait of an inspiring Indian woman :  Indra Nooyi's that I encourages you to read if you are in lack of motivation and needing a reminder that your are able to do big things !                                                                                                                                                                                    The main topic in this magazine is the Special Report about climate change titled "Climate is Everything. We discover the main questions that are going to be debate at the COP26 in Glasgow, the most important meeting about climate change who reunite representative from differents countries to try to save the planet from the climate disaster. We also can find a really good drawing by Lon Tweeten, who explain how the Central Banks can be game-changers by modifying their way of spending actions. More over, a five pages article by two Australian journalist highlight the impact of the green power on the most impoverished communities, wich is an issue that is not covered by the medias. 

    After this main topic, we enter in the section "Time off" : we first talk about an icon, Lady Diana. Since many years, the mistery around here continue to trigger any number of articles. To continue, Annabel Gutterman introduce Darcie Little Badger, a writer who make it a point of honnor to represent minorities, like the LGBT community, in her books. She's the illustration of the new generation that bring freshness into an old domain : Litterature. 

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