Friday 26 November 2021

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October 18th 2021 TIME : Throught committement and politics

Today, I am commenting the edition of october 18th TIME edition, a long but very interesting newspaper, develloping many society facts. Throughtout the various articles develloped, it is very difficult to know how to start. So, I decided to first comment the « Woment of the year », who is also on the cover page : Jane Godall. She is a environmentalist and naturalist, with a Cambridge Ph. D in Animals Behaviour. Her story is told, from a simple student studyings chimpanzees in Tanzania to one of the probably biggest environementailst of modern time. What really caught me in getting involved in this reading is the very spiritual and nature-connected tone she used to have. At this point, we can still feel the conection with nature she created with nature while exploring and observing the wild tanzania forests, which adds a diferent dimention to actual politics and scientists points of view about environement and nature. In addition to that, her well-funded commitement about nature, and also her age make us way more comprehensive about the message she want to share, eventhought she is writting with a lot of poetry and romantisme, as for example her saying about the nature : « there is a little plea in it-a plea for help. ».

But, ecology is not the only commitement source in this TIMe, and we understand a social-progressist voluntee whithin each page of this book. The redation give us tips for more inclusive life, politic opinion about abortion on LGBT lobbying in elemntary schools… The positive thing i can say about that, since i am not always agreeing with theese kind of ideologies, is that they don’t hide or try to manipulate the reader by any way : they just give their opinion, which is a totally legitimate and necessary thing to a critic society.

To end up on some patrtiotic point, another article describes how and why a millitary presence from the US forces are still legitimate in Africa : Atiterorism, opened fights agaist al-quaida… Seeing such a reknownlenge for the US millitary to sacrifice their personal life to their country felt very touching to me, reminding me by the one hand the culture gap between France and America, and by the other hand that conflicts are not over in this world, and that the US fight on our side for freedom and power.

In order to conclude, I want to relate some articles that I also liked a lot, maybe as a reading tips to you. Indeed, throughout the 99 pages of this paper, any of us could feel lost. So, two other things I would advice to read is, for the one hand, the new york Governor Kathy Hochul testimony about her feelings about the incoming governor elections, and theUkrainian memorial creation, a very ambitious and full of deference project.

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