Wednesday 5 January 2022

Time magazine

 Hello everyone,

Today i am going to talk about orders on internet.

Since the covid crisis, people orders more and more on internet for absolutly everything. For example, we can order food thanks to "the drive", a lot of web site suggest to buy clothes like Shein, Pretty Little Thing... and we have many website available to obtain random stuff like Amazon. 

In America, the famous company Fedex delivering more pckage than ever before since the pandemic. This is an interesting article because it traces the journey of a giant giraffe that somebody orders and we can follow the way from factory to doorstep. It took him 38 days to arrive before the pandemic and 53 days during the pandemic. 

As a matter of fact ,we are all concerned about this business because more and more people between 18 and 25 years old, so young people, use this method to gain time, a wider range of choices... But the problem is, firstly it pollues a lot because of the transport used, clients become more exigent so the companies are more concurrential , prices grows and it leads to inflation.

From my point of view, I ask you to red this article in oder to be more responsible, to inform you and be aware of the consequences in the future.


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