Wednesday 2 February 2022

You live, you learn


You live, you learn

Hello, I will start this blog like Orelsan did in his music Shonen (which is typically the japenese translation for coming of age story): “I've made mistakes and I'll make some again, I just hope they're not the same ones.” This sentence could easily summary all the growing up process. As kids, we did mistakes and we learnt from them. That’s how you growing, by learning from mistakes. You live, you learn. This mistakes have constructed us. You have to make mistakes, otherwise how do you move forward. I think the future is a big wall to climb and each error is a support for helping you to climb this wall that you have to cross. You just to do not repeat the same. Each mistake is also an experience often sad on disappointed, which makes the person you are today. As artist, I question myself about this, do you must have a painful or difficult past to have things to say, or, to be a good adult. Following what I said, those people with a difficult past and experiences, at least they have maybe climb this wall faster, but are they better adult than me. I think that it depends a lot of on the way of seeing things that happens to you. You see often main characters of movies, book that have a strong will, which they use to overcome terrible situations and then how this experience has built them. You live you learn. But life isn’t like films, also a thing that I learn by living my life, just by living it. So you don’t need to take your life like marvel heroes but of course it’s a very good inspire source to cope with your own issues. And of don’t be scared to live new things, even if they afraid you. That’s certainly the most fun part, believe me it will be useful. Remember you live, you learn that I can replace by the most you live the most learn.

Iban Bourgoin TA

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