Wednesday 2 February 2022

You live, you learn

 You live, you learn !

Goood mooorning world !

  Again, today I am posting on my blog at the very last minute but don't worry my friends this is the last time I am doing it since I live, I learn from my mistakes. An ingeneous way to introduce my topic, doesn't it ? ;)

  Indeed, it has been a few months that I am reading some books and articles about the growth of a child to his adulthood and the different obstacles that he may encounter during his life, how is he going to deal with it and face it. In Britain, it's called "the bildungsroman", all of this phase of childhood to adulthood. I have read Moon palace, what you can remember about it, is that he has radically change because of the experience and struggle he went through make him becoming more maturing, he is prepare to face the real world alone thanks to his experience. This is it, You live, You learn.

The Hâte U Give was my favorite one, to me, Starr illustrates perfectly the coming-of -age (bildungsroman), she really went from the little girl shy, innocent who doesn't speak up and just want to be invisible at the point that she wants to disappear to a young black woman who has no longer fear to use her voice and speak up to defend herself and her rights and assume entirely who she is.This is it. Again. You live, You learn.

Some of us will turn 18 this year, the next year we will certainly leave our city to go to the university that we want and it can be scary.  But bear in mind that the life is not perfect, she will challenge you and you will have to overcome it on your own but if you know what you want and you are well surrounded it will be fine and you will have fun.

See you next week my fellas🤠

Marthe 🌸

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