Sunday 6 February 2022

“you live, you learn”

 “you live, you learn”

By Ezra Almazan on Pinterest 
This expression, usually used to say that one has learned something from an experience that is surprising and usually unpleasant, should be more talked about.

Life is an ongoing cycle of ups and downs and these ups and downs are what allow us to learn and to live. It’s just like in a coming of age novel. 

We learn from mistakes, for example, doing something that our parents told us not to do and having to pay the consequences back when we were younger. However you do not just make mistakes when you are younger, mistakes are made all throughout your life which means you are constantly learning and therefore living. Adele mentions this at numerous occasions in her songs. For instance in the 2011 hit “someone like you” where she talks about her getting over her ex- a big step in life that teaches you many things. 

Betrayal is also I massive learning curve. That moment when you found out that your best friend has been lying to you for weeks on end killed, however, it made you stronger. Just like in moon palace when Marco found out that Solomon had been lying to him and that he was actually his father. He felt betrayed and lied to however it helped him grow and find his identity. 

Even though sometimes learning is hard, we should all be thankful as everyday we learn something new which helps us grow and become better versions of ourselves. 

By Beatrice .R

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