Wednesday 2 February 2022

 You live, you learn

You live, you learn. A pretty enigmatic sentence, totally opposed to the social vision of knowlenge, which ould have to be taught at school. But learning doesn’t mean to accumulate knowlenge, but to build up one throught experience. It is with this definition that we can assume that living in learning. Indeed, life is experiences, a ton of it. Let’s just assume you woke up, but are way too tired to get off you bed. This is an experience of course, but it as well is a way to learn that your body’s weakness can affect your mental motivation. But this ain’t enough : if you are not conscious of theese kind of things, you can not learn from then. So, thinking about the events you went throught is learning, and the knowlenge of yourself, the others and the world will increase throught time.

Nevertheless, we could very well be opposed to this idea, by a very simple and easy observation : if you take two teenagers of let’s say 16 years old, the will probably not seem as mature. This is due to the precedently mentionned consciousness, or not, of the causes and consequences of every action we take. If I do without thinking, I will not learn of it and so I won’t mentally grow. This is the whole point. For sure, if you live, you learn, but if you don’t learn, you don’t grow. This creates a great opposition between the body, that will never stop aging and the mind, that can always elevate to higher spheres. This is why knowlenge is universal, and doesn’t depend on your age, sex or nationality : if living is learning, and sice I assume you are still alive, you can learn of each of your actions. But world is complex, and the more you know, the more you realize how deep you can dig on each subject, and how confusing it can be. It is at this moment that most people start reding. Books, indeed are the main way to transform some seemingly pointless actions into very intereting and formative experiences. Social sciences, psychology, classical sciences, art, economy… all of them reflect a part of our reality, all of them are infinite sources of knowlenge that no one can claim as thier. This is the power of knowlenge : the is no king, no master on it, and this is why you can keep learning and growing throughtout your whole life : no one can never stop you from learning if you are alive, so just make sure you study your actions like a colorful painting, some technical mistakes, some good points, a reveal of emotions ; such things simple introspection can’t make you know. So, think about it, and take advantage of the « you live you learn » to keep growing up everyday.

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