Thursday 2 February 2023

Film Review of Oliver Twist

This is a film review of the galvanazing movie/musical drama  “Oliver!” by Carole Reed which came out in 1968 from the book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens  published in 1838.

This movie is a musical, and bring some joy in this really awful story. I chose this document because it denounce the wrenching living conditions and heartbreaking treatment in workhouses in the 19th century but in an light way. Thanks to this method, those who want just have a exellent time can enjoy the musical and those who paid attention can see the message of denunciation.                                      At first sight,  people can think that they are going just to see a musical, with great vibes and dances. In fact, this movie denounce the social injustice of the orphans through an appearance less shocking of the real situation.

Through this film, everyone can understand the conditions of living and how was it to live. But you can also enjoy the songs and dances. It’s a really marvellous film, because you learn about touching social injustices while enjoying the beauty of art. 

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