Thursday 2 February 2023

The Hate U Give

 This drama produced by George Tillman Jr. in 2018 is about social inequalities in the USA between black and white people. 

George Tillman Jr. wanted to depict racial and social issues of black people through this movie. Starr Carter, a young black teenager, lost her friend who was shot by the police without any reasons. Here the director wanted to show the violence of racism in the USA. In fact this kind of drama often happens in this country. This movie is really touching and poignant because it’s a true story so thanks to it people can realize how far situations like this can go. Moreover, another issue depicted in this movie is the lack of money that many afro-Americans have to deal with because it is difficult for them to find a job. 

Finally, this movie is so powerful and emotional that I think that everyone should watch this movie to be aware of  how hard it is for afro-Americans to live in the USA. It is such an important actual problem that George Tillman Jr wanted to raise attention of the viewers.

Prune Planche 

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