Friday 3 February 2023

North and south

                               North And South


This mini serie was realized by Brian Percival in 2004.

The story itself covers the two decades leading up to the years of the election of President Abraham Lincoln and the imminent proclamation of the Civil War.

We learn a lot about the contrasting attitudes to such controversial aspects as 'Slavery' and 'Abolitionists', and how these attitudes originated.

The series is beautifully crafted and is firmly tied to actual historic events ,vitale drama about social issues, social justice, the hardships of the poor working class, and human relationships.

North & South is a masterpiece and a beautiful and affecting love story. This four-part mini-series succeeds not only as an adaptation and very faithful but also on its own terms. The story here is still the beautiful, affecting and timeless story I fell in love with.

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