Thursday 2 February 2023

The film review of Oliver !

 Oliver ! is a musical drama film directed by Carol Reed which came out in 1968.
 I chose this film rather atypical by its genre which deals in a specific way the same problems that the society meets in the initial book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens who is an English writer and social critic. 
 The fact that this movie is a musical one with all the typical soundtraks makes people way more open and understanding on the problems the story wants to make aware of by some scenes like the famous one "I want some more" scene. 
 As I said this film is quite unique in its genre to talk about several society and economic's problems such as the difference of wages between the class and how the poorest people were treated in the workhouse. Working everyday, almost every hours into these conditions without being paid could and in fact is a interesting link with our current society and the GIG economy. 
 This film deals with several important subjects of the society into a happy and almost humorous way : it could be at first absurd but its actually a smart way to make aware of what's happening.

Here, the trailer of the film :      

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