Friday 28 January 2022

Best inventions 2021

 Time magazine, Best Inventions of 2021 edition :

Why should you read it ?

After reading this magazine that was very long and informative, I understood why I think everyone should read it. It is because so many topics are used, and one of them will obviously interest you. In it we can of course find sciences, since it is the topic of this edition, but also a lot of ecology, about the cop26, some economy and geopolitics. Everyone has to find his plesaure in this book, since it gives you, in the passage about the best inventions of 2021, many of very detailed and well thought inventions : from the connected case which reminds you to take your birth control pills to the little robot cars that brings you your orders with no driver, we understand that progress never stops. We also can see that the goal of theese inventions are mainly to iprove people's lifes : for people with money, some nike sneakers that you can put on hand free, for the little children in the hospital, an AI that talk with them and help them to cure, for the low-electricity access places, a new external battery which generates electricity with a solar pannel. They enven show a DIY robotic prothesis arm, that really make us believe in a better future. All of those topics, all very different from one to another are actually what makes the interest of this Times edition : a diversified an pleasable source of learning.

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