Tuesday 18 January 2022

Young Voices : "You live, you learn"

You live, You learn : 

18/01/2022, 21h19, by Léa

        Recently, I've read a very well-known book written by an American writer that everyone have eard of : Moon Palace by Paul Auster. Throughout the book, I was finding similarities between the life experiences of the protagonist, and my personal life experiences. After talking with one of my friend who has also read this book, I realise that her too. 

        But how this his even possible ? How can we identify to life experiences of a fictional caracter, especially a caracter with a life full of twists and turns ? I think that Moon Palace really illustrates a sort of transition, maybe an evolution, during the life. And everyone - I'm sure that you too - have experienced difficulties during their grown-up, this is what we call a "coming of age". A sort of rite of passage that educate and teach the young and innocent, to make them adults aware about the difficulty of life. In many cases, this "coming of age" really hurts. Your ideals are belieds, the world that you were imaginating is totally different, your innocence is lost. And those hardships are the key to prepare yourself for the tumultuous life that is coming. 

        We can easily said that whithout those hardships, your life as an adult will be a disaster, because you won't be prepared and concious of the reality, you will still be a child or an immature person that believes that life isn't so hard. Thanks to those falls, you will raise easier. I recomand you to do some researchs on this topic, once you understand this, I promise that your vision on life is going to change, especially for us, young people that are kind of lost in their lifes. 

        Thanks for reading me today, I hope this topic has tempted your attention ! Next week, we are going to treat about how to deal with school problems and how to find your path in the school world. See you next week ! 

Léa ARNAUDIN, blogger on Young Voices

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