Saturday 29 January 2022

You live, you learn,

You live, you learn

(a blog post by Maximilien)

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hey today I’m going to talk about a subject that is close to my heart, in Germany they call it bildungsromans, it’s what we would call a coming of age story, mine is not crazy enough to talk about it here but throughout many books and films.

If there is something that I will point at is that it seems that every character had the roughest childhood of all. I know that you know who’s Harry Potter and what more complicated and rough childhood than his, poor child beaten and mistreated by his adoptive family and live under the stairs (everything is wrong in this sentence I know 🤣😭) and has you may guess Harry is not receiving the best education of all and that’s where the title make sens, Harry in a very literally way is going to learn (his going to Poudlard, that’s so cool I wish that existed in real life) by leaving his old environment and growing up, after a quick reflection I realized that maybe, just maybe, Poudlard wasn’t perfect, I mean there is, from time to time, a ghost or two trying to eat eat your face but you know… magic is still pretty cool. Anyway my point is that it’s showing a direct transition from a world to an other.

So we saw and happy moment with Harry where coming of age is a transition to a better version of himself and now let me break your mood with something way more realistic and harsh, The Hate U Give a story about a young girl that have to face a world where racism is still here (just to say that this is supposedly happening in 2016, so yeah it’s our world that I’m talking about) her passage to the adulthood is when she saw her friend getting killed just before her eyes, he didn’t seamed to know all about the code you have to follow with an armed officer, she learned everything to do in this situation and that showed to be very useful. So she knew about the theory but the practice came with a gun shot that she will never forget. That’s how you learn by living.

Life goes like a flow and some time you end up in a giant mansion like school on a big rock sometime you see your mate getting killed by a racist police in both case you learn that life is though and you should enjoy it will it last, in anyway you end up learning by living.


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