Sunday 30 January 2022

Why you should ABSOLUTELY read the “TIME” of December 2021

    Hello and welcome today to a new post of “Monday News-day” and I think that at the end of this post you’ll ask yourself why you’re not already reading TIME.

    So first thing first the person of the year is none other than Elon Musk, the most sympathetic billionaire of all time, yes he’s making a Million time your income but still, isn’t he cool when he smoke a joint during a podcast without making a face or while he develop the most useless and false-futuristic project with the boring company. Did you know that the world leading table-tennis team was Chinese, yep neither did I. WAIT okay that’s not all this magazine has to offer, the “best of culture” is filled with the best book music, films, TV shows and podcast of the year and honestly this should be consider as a to do list for everyone that didn’t already read, watch or listen to the master piece that this non exhaustive list contain, if your locked down because of Covid well check them from your list, talking about Covid, 6 pages are dedicated about the subject and honestly that his refreshing because you know that the source are reliable contrary to the internet where you can learn that vaccine gives you 5G (as a matter of fact that would be kinda dope if it really did that). Did you knew about the Moldovan oil production (more interesting than the Chinese table-tennis team hun) well you can learn about it with Vaja Jhashi (glad I’m writing it and not saying out loud) maybe we are not so doomed after all thank you Moldova.

    So yeah read it


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