Thursday 15 September 2022

september 12th, 2022

On 12 of September the queen coffin have been carried into St Giles' Cathedral before flowing  to London on Tuesday and driven to Buckingham Palace.

This Monday, condoler got the first opportunity to pay respects to the Queen Elizabeth II in front of her coffin as it lies and remain there for 24 hours in Edinburgh cathedral. King Charles III walked behind his mother's coffin  this afternoon during a procession leading from Holyroodhouse palace and after that presided over a vigil.( a period of devotional watching or observance, particularly during the night before a significant event.)

Thousand of people are up for the chance to see the flag-draped casket at St Giles' Cathedral, a week before her funeral in London who take place 19 of september 




Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Monday recalled the moment when her husband Peter Murrell saved one of Queen Elizabeth II's corgis from electrocution at Balmoral Castle. She shared her favorite memories of the Queen and a "tense moment" at Balmoral.

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